New Artist Challenge

So the challenge is easy!

1. Find music you love of a different genre that actually that means something to you.

2. Reply to this post to tell us why (without posting a link or all of the lyrics). Pleas only 2 songs please

Then, talk about it! How is it different? In which genre? Whyyyy? 🙂 * The only stipulation is that here on this blog, I can’t post explicit words or artwork, so blank out a letter or two, but it must be without cussin’

3. Later tonight or Friday morning, I may request details and dedicate an article as I am inspired! I’m excited to see both how it captivated you and to hear or see new art

It’s way to easy to forget that we, the listeners, hold the cards, cut, and deal ’em. The popular music landscape tends to reflect our current collective desires to escape reality. Is there anything wrong with that? I doubt it.

The continued success of Alicia Keys and the emergence of Kendrick Lamar have inspired a slow trickle of more meaningful songs. This shows us that no one– not the artists or their corporate support or independent investors are immune to the support and the will of the consumer.

How to support your new fav artist? Yes of course buy originals and prints when you can, and download music and eBooks, get tickets legitimately, but when listening free, or admiring a work at no charge, try doing it using ad-enabled outlets like traditional and online radio, request their songs sometimes, share the work with someone who can afford it. Watch the official videos on YouTube, subscribing, sharing as instructed by the artist, and following on other social media are all ways to support. Support is ALWAYS appreciated.

Where to start? Well find out who’s playing in your town, where is the local arts council, download the an online radio app on your phone and search for channels. I personally enjoy and support Real Talk Radio’s Spreaker station- search for its show called “Fresh Friday” for new Hip-Hop, but I’m a old-school hip-hop head; there are other online stations there. Create a Pandora station for the artist or genre you would like to try.

Enjoy the challenge!


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22 comments on “New Artist Challenge

    • Thank you for sharing the Nerd Words article. I’m always surprised which posts connect with whom 🙂 And yes! Finally… the last years of writer’s block are gone and I’m really excited to be writing again. Inspiration is everywhere, it’s contagious, and rapid-onset so watch out lol

  1. -Coincidental Song Choice-

    Love goes full circle. The love you give is the same love your child gives and so on. You would be surprised at how many parents fail to realize this fact…
    Currently, OWN is airing a series of shows dealing with fatherless sons and daughters and the impact of the missing parent in their lives. I know there are many people out there that are dealing with this issue by either being a fatherless child or having one to raise, myself being the latter. Monday, while listening to an old mix on my iPod, I heard John Mayer’s song Daughters and I thought about how appropriate that song is for this subject.
    This song is a strong representation of a man loving a girl who doesn’t have the love of her father. Her baggage, for lack of a better term, takes a while sometimes for her to realize and accept and then work on to deal with the loss and strengthen her ability to love herself completely before she tries to love a man. (Now she’s left; Cleaning up the mess he made)
    Unfortunately, when in a relationship, it also may take some time and heartache for the man to realize that the hurt does not stem from him and is not from a lack of love for him. It is simply the unearthed pain from losing or never having her father. (Now I’m starting to see; Maybe it’s got nothing to do with me) Taking a step back but not away may give her the space to take care of herself emotionally to break down the barrier so the she can patch the hole in her soul and love him with a whole heart.
    I would be remiss however, to mention how important the role of the mothers will be in this situation. As the remaining parent you have to take the time to build up your child’s self-worth with fire resistant materials so that the perils of the world they will grow up dealing won’t break them down and they can feel comfortable in giving love to others. Especially to their child, whether it be a son, or daughters too.

    ~Fathers, be good to your daughters
    Daughters will love like you do
    Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
    So mothers, be good to your daughters too ~

    Love goes full circle; the love you give is the love you will receive. Love yourself first, for in doing so you will be able to love others with a joy that will ultimately circle back to you.

    ~ MKButafly ~
    Song lyrics are from ‘Daughters’ by John Mayer

    • @Mira! I get two lines in and realize that you are in my head! You should see what I literally scribbled out today. It’s related to the exact same thing. Oh I can’t belieeeeve this; I saw the episode with with Jacqueline and her mother around fathers day, and it connected the dots for so many other things. Now I’m excited; I haven’t seen the other episodes. Great work! I’m headed over to listen now. Thanks for sharing!

      • That show really inspired me as I am NOT a fatherless child however my nephew that I am raising is. I always have to remind myself that not only am I raising him to be a man but to be a loving man and he doesn’t have an example of this since I am not married. It is rather difficult task and I truly feel for the mothers and fathers who have to do this from their child’s birth or a very young age.

      • Me too, and I’m not a “fatherless daughter” either, but there were still so many things I connected to about the show. But it did illuminate something for me. that he had to pick up lots of emotional slack for not having the mother, and when I got older, which I maybe mothers and daughters get closer, What I’m working on now is a conglomeration of many fatherless daughters

  2. Myra you did it sweetheart! I look forward to reading your review; Daughters, by John Mayer is new to me also I never heard that one. The first accomplishment is conquering what you set out to do, right? Did you find it more difficult to connect or to express your connection to the song?

    • lol. I think it is was not to difficult to connect but to express it in a way that truly translates to others hearts is the difficult part. But since this subject touches mine I think others will understand my point.
      I love John Mayer. His songs have meaning and grit and his style is so unique and non-mainstream pop. He plays the guitar as well on most of his songs and live.

  3. These days of austerity as well as relative stress about incurring debt, a lot of people balk about the idea of employing a credit score card to create acquisition of merchandise or even spend for just about any gift giving occasion, preferring, instead just to rely on a tried also as trusted indicates of making payment raw money. However, in the event you possess the cash there to create the purchase fully, then, paradoxically, that’s the very best time for you personally to use the credit score card for several reasons.

    • In that case, a lot of people seem to have developed a healthy relationship with debt during austerity ‘in a kingdom’ 🙂 and the same is true following the credit and housing crisis here. I also suspect that cash will be king for a long time to make daily purchases, that it is prudent to use credit as you suggest, for those with the financial discipline to follow-through- paradoxically. But the financial means to which most are limited, often diminish the benefit of taking the risk, during the window of time, between pocket and bill payment. Artistically speaking, I really do hope a lot of people balk at the idea of giving personal weight to a perceived score. Thanks so much for your comment

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  6. Wow, amazing blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is excellent, as well as the content!

    • Thank you for the kind words; I hope I’m getting better all the time. It has been one month as of July 23, 2013.

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