Unlikely Music Review as Poetry: New Song By Billy Lord

“Song offers a glimpse into the heart of a man… not of the thoracic kind– though I make no promises concerning any possible anatomical response. The magic happens quickly so pay attention…”

“What’s a good-looking guy doing sitting on a street corner in Austin, Texas singing his heart out to a phone or something’?”

At one point in the video some guy (out of camera view) interrupted the singer just to say, “Hey there Buddy”. Born and raised in the South where it is a point of cultural pride that we greet people for no apparent reason, even I cocked a sideways-raised-eyebrow when I heard that guy’s audible video bomb. The singer-songwriter just kept on playing– except for a hardly noticeable brief pause I credited with making it even more believable.  Before I knew it, bless Texas, about 5 minutes of country listenin’ had elapsed. When the video ended at 5:06 (but who’s paying attention), my wheels kept on turning as my fragile head processed what I saw as an emotional reading of a thought-provoking modern poetry I need to discuss. But with whom?! Want to talk about Country or Rock song about love and longing, anyone? Not me!!! Buuuut…

A better question might be whether I’m ready for some honesty? If so, would I like to talk about the last time I laid my heart out in traffic for a lover? Billy Lord’s newest draft from the road, now called “Lone Star” offers a voyeuristic peek into the soul of a man’s heart while he’s alone and wishing for a distant love- talking quite literally about shedding tears even as he admits testing his woman …and she fails <gasp!> …then it’s ok <double-gasp!!> Ya mean, he’s not going to preach and it’s not over? No taunting how she’s gonna regret it and how he goes out to find someone new with whom he can be emotionally unavailable? No name-calling, accusations…it’s quite alright?…hmm.

Lone Star starts with a gritty insistence to a love interest that  “You could have stopped me from leaving…” The line tapers with a raspy earnest whisper- his words broken with desperation; he continues telling her stories of seedy company and events that had befallen him since she failed to make him stay (you’re right-that sarcasm was loud…back to his point) eh hem…. since he left her. Not so literally, he declares that his peace was with her at home–specifically in her bed. “It’s 3 a.m. where is your piece?” 😉

Not without commercial appeal, he quite literally shouts out his native New York and towns he visited on his open road journey including some towns we know and love like New Orleans and others we regret we don’t– like beautiful Kemah, Texas. The last shout-out in the story was to Las Vegas where he “watched it all fade away…”.  Was it gambled all away or did it stay in Vegas with whatever happened- as one should hope? Even when the lyrics are short on details, true to poetry and literature, they are littered with inferences  leaving us to suspect the happenings on his journey after departing…. the lover in the song who had the audacity to believe him when he said he wanted to leave (she pulled his card, honey!…ok that was the last one, really:)

Who can’t relate to that?! Watch the video, and return to discuss.

Thank you tons


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Find the song discussed here, Billy Lord’s Lone Star video below or copy and paste the link. If you like the music too, shout him out by hitting the “Like” button over there at YouTube, comment, subscribe, read about…. follow the artist online at www.billylordmusic.com



18 comments on “Unlikely Music Review as Poetry: New Song By Billy Lord

  1. Meka. I was captivated by this. It left me wanting more. Questions…who is this man, what did she do to fail, how did it end up tug at me. I love it and look forward to reading more

    • Lemme first acknowledge that this was my first post so I’m excited, and I appreciate it. Thank you for reading it.
      But Good! So it wasn’t just me. He’s an independent artist and oooh his is a good story; links are in the post. Ha! …a smidgen of sarcasm when I say fail, but from his pov she somehow she didn’t convince him to stay. Having been on both sides- I want to write from the Amen section on the one shoulder but on the other shoulder is a woman whispering “Use Your Words…”

  2. Meka. Awesome! soul of a man’s heart–his honesty. Her failure to make him stay. And you leave us with where is your piece? I can’t wait! Hurry up you have more writings to do.

    • Lol! Thank you Kia. Your response means a lot to me. Well now that I know you are interested in discussing more lines, I will likely revisit more lyrics

  3. Your style is so tight.. when you read it it makes you read faster just to keep the flow.. like poetry.. I like it

  4. The first thing I notice about this video is the separation. I have no clue if it was planned but one side of the pole appears to be a busy street. There are cars zipping by, a street light, a fire hydrant to capture the city atmosphere was perfect. The on the left of the pole it seemed more suburban. Almost country like with zero activity, even the shape of the house reminds me of a rest stop. I captures the lyrics perfectly as clearly there is a struggle between the man being able to adapt to both lifestyles. Resulting in him sitting there being everywhere, but absolutely nowhere. Sitting at the bottom, on the ground. Needing to go home but nowhere else to go to, because non of these places are home. Searching for hope in a star. A lonestar, leading him to Texas where he hopes to fit. Get up off the ground literally and figuratively.

    Thanks for sharing Meka. And congrats!!!

    • Yeah it does@Kevito 😀 I had to watch it again and the lyrics mention his journey from your city- New York, more famous for its skyline than its heavens, down to this TX town here on the Gulf of Mexico. That the song was written on the road either to or in Austin, made me want to look to it from his eyes ’cause mine are too familiar. He couldn’t have missed the stark transition from the lush evergreens of the Deep South to the desert brown vast plains of Central TX. Remembering what u said about being lost, of course u wanna take cover and not wander around looking to be found. But you want to sit ur butt down n stay there until you have been found 🙂 and he did– under the TX sky where he had home on his mind. Not literally lost of course as passing cars offered plenty of chances to go someplace–any place. But none were heading in the direction he wanted to travel at that moment. So he sat there where many had come and gone- leaving only the remaining pieces of their own signs- so many pieces that they littered the cross-section. The cross section he refered to as a “place to lay”, perhaps. Finding no peace (or maybe rejecting piece), but did find comfort (home/peace/the direction to which he aspired/her) –knowing she was some place beneath his Lone Star, Boy was he was eager to get there?

  5. Definitely something new for me. Writing poetry is very personal and to sing it as well.. That’s a lot he’s putting out there while still holding so much in. I enjoyed it.

    • Well in that case, all your handholding wasn’t in vain after all! 🙂 Thank you for the fb share too @shonice. Loooove– especially knowing personally how much you value your friends, Dirty Cheetah supporters, ppl. Since, you clicked the followed, you’ll see all the updates so I look fwd to seeing ya soon and often!

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