Passion for Purpose: A Love Poem

Passion for Purpose: A Love Poem

My suit is bulletproof, bull_h_tproof, life and stress tested
Fire from my belly, I breathed out and walked across it for a chance at you
Heat could have consumed me but, I tamed it to…melt chocolate and drench fruit

But I fear you….my eyes see your enthalpy and plans for me
I follow your mouth but not the words dripping out; the discomfort is too loud
Oh but my body hears you louder– from the fuzz on my skin to the urgency in my veins

I push you away as your power overwhelms, yet you insist on mine
Asking what I would I give for your embrace; every taste of you summons my potential
My channels open and everything conspires that we come together

Invariably, in the whirlwind, centrifugal forces will disperse us
Who knows how or why, but from this view, they all looked just like you… Purpose



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