New Challenge Part 1: Finish a Project

Time to re-think those old lyrics, remember the sketchpads, figure out what to do with the clothes on that elliptical. To start back digging and questioning whyyyy those last few classes were never quite… and what really happened and under which circumstances it became ok to leave the project, dream, or goal incomplete. Now you know better than to think you know what I’m about to say.

Oh that, what you discover behind closet door n, that’s the jugular you can expect to be “a thing”, a target during the process. If that scares you, you have pulse, and this is where your judgement comes in–knowing when to adjust the pace, stop, or see a professional who can help you move on, and that is a win. If its because something unfortunate happened that is no longer limiting to you, or you just weren’t ready, that you just didnt know or want to do it anymore, have the knowledge, process, perspective, etc. then please continue with your new project in mind.

NERD ALERT Stipulations>> As for the 5 who are left lol… Have you obtained “Love Mekanism Challenge Level 1.0 “? K, I just made that up, and it has no monetary value, but for this challenge just go with it lol. Eh hem as I was…

Isaac Newton's personal copy of the first edit...

Isaac Newton’s personal copy of the first edition of his Principia Mathematica, bearing Pepys’s name (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) Level 1.0 completion is that you have already read the post “Nerd Words to Love By: Humanity”, and did the Visual exercise or any honest personal survey these last few days.

2) Understand that this is beneficial if during step 1) above, you found that you have unacceptably critical thoughts or behaviors including critical language. So ya see, its not for everyone, and it doesn’t replace any current professional treatment, recommendations. With that clear, if you think you will benefit personally or that it could be fun and healthy, I’d be happy to have you with me.

-For Love Mekanism 1.0-

This one is an exercise with lessons in: a) self tlc b) building on basics as part of a good foundation c) making peace with reality to understand personal creativity by dispelling myths and perceptions about the process. Seems to me that these are strikingly similar to nearly every area life and talent. I bet with some creativity, this could work with just about any project that you put off because of fear, insecurity, or excuses. But for this blog, I’ll just stick to the topic “writing a novel” as a project goal. What will you use for your *goal?

Challenge materials: pen and paper and a working mechanism for keeping time. NOTE: record the start and stop (time?) of every task for record, not for speed.

1-First , write a list of ALL the criticisms you found during your personal survey (with no title or header yet) just list them. Perform a check: *”Do I really believe what I just wrote?”* If not, make it true- having expressed them only to paper, they can still be recalled from that paper, right? If you’re satisfied with your thoughts, please continue. (Time?)

2-Then on clean paper, write a passionate rebuttal of that list- an explanatory argument with your own list of facts, and all that is good, potential, and the magnitude of truth of why you should actually be proud– on behalf of yourself as a duty to defend a broken one you loved so help ya!

3-Rest your case, and return one last time to that criticism list and give it its title by writing in big ‘ol nasty all-caps “LIES” and then all over that LIES list, destroy it, and put it out– not the inside trash– outside. Be rid for good, return, wash your hands, calmly… please continue.

But first I must say 😀 Happy Biiirthdayytions honey. Your accomplishments may reach the sky, but you wooon today, honey! On top that, you’ve reached

-Love Mekanism Challenge Level 1.5-

*[Get a Bonus 0.5 Humanity Points when you miss or skip a step you don’t need or miss a due date to bump your progress level when you share with someone new who needs it when they “like” and Follow here.]*

-For Love Mekanism 2.0-

You have an inkling that a little creativity can help you see a lot but also accomplish stuff- small, lofty, or to just be entertained. Well what’s wrong with that? Idk… I want to share a post, Well yea it’s an inspirational post about writing, but ya never know, it could inspire you too to start or finish up your own project because it lays out a process of overcoming limitations like procrastination, insecurities, misperceptions, and a different natural talent. Through persistence, learning, and belief in herself- “showing up for” herself as she called it, she was able to realize her dream.

1.) First, follow this link to read the article from her about silencing your inner critic. If you like this article, “Like” it there.

2.) Second, Ponder which you will accomplish first. I mean if you have something you already need to do, pick that or any project in line with your long-term goals and vision for your life, or just think of a nice new lofty *goal lol… Sounds funny before you accomplish one, settle in, and then realize that the journey was actually the best part!

Hmm…just thinking about if we did work through to finish …could be pretty satisfying, right?

Please reply in the comments below. Thank you for reading and interacting with me here!




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