The Road Less Traveled

Inspired by a Daily Prompt called The Road Less Traveled

Celebrate POETRY with me today. I started a poem entitled “3”. It was inspired by a girl  and is my 3rd publicly shared work, and decided to finish it. Also, I hope to share a beauty that was written about and for me. Of course, it is not lost on me that the very first post 10 days ago today was a song review as poetry. Share something below or anonymously as needed in the following form



3 comments on “The Road Less Traveled

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  2. Sheet Music Replay
    Memories from my
    brain to my fingertips play
    like tunes orchestrated
    with ebony hands
    elephant tusks
    without keys or cords
    almost portentous
    notes morphed
    out of thin air
    scores without sheets
    still homo rhythmic…

    In the beginning
    it seems as if YOU
    have found your calling
    how else could it be
    explained other than
    a musical gift
    that somehow became
    corrupted with lessons
    instructions that force
    you to be less of a prodigy
    at the same time restricting
    you creativity when
    your following instead
    writing your own sheet…

    Looking back
    who knows what I could be
    Symphony space
    trapped in a daydream
    with Lincoln in the Center
    and maybe Juilliard
    becomes my best friend
    Its possible that I
    alienate my power
    of the all mighty pen?

    Or maybe I would
    become what I most
    despised at the time
    a slave to the
    Sheet Music Reply
    looking to set free
    the music in my mind
    blown away by
    my rendition of the
    The Suzuki Method
    never more.

  3. Challenge

    “They” say that hindsight is 20/20, but I assure you that it was 20/20 when hindsight was just…sight, and it was still not sufficient. When I look back using the rear window from the distorted angle of my contorted body wasting away time re-answering the wrong damn questions, it is inconclusive.

    I would have needed 20/20 for every space and dimension of each moment therein. I would’ve needed every possible response from each fallible human involved and every circumstance. I would have needed the fall-out from the fall-out of the moment impacted by the effed up or glorious moment (depending the dimension from which I observe) that allowed the decision to happen.

    No I genuinely do not waste time wondering about the past anymore unless it is to understand now– not for the purposes of lamenting or glorifying it but to discover what I need to move forward. I have learned to enjoy wherever I am with (about 85% success 🙂 since there is no time when I will be younger, stronger, more beautiful, or sharp or that my family will be these age in this beautiful place the way it is right this moment. This…now- in all of its bold simplicity….right here is the Road Less Traveled. I decide every moment to live it-not to loathe. I find no value in exchanging it for an unspecified time when I can squander more or when it’s more ok to be grateful and enjoy what I have–even if it is “just” precious life and health.

    Life generally does makes me happy. Yeah, I get sad, but not for very long because I have purposely gotten myself caught in a vicious cycle– a web of love, patience, joy, peace, kindness, and freedom. I understand the adjustments required by my body to just to respond to negativity, and it’s not worth it. And I forgive… I get that no matter how much planning, preparing, hind-sight searching, saving, scrimping, pampering, or primping– it comes down to the fact that ya learn and prep as much as you can, and hope you get lucky, but sometimes stuff really does just happen. It will be ok if you believe that you will be where you are supposed to be in life no matter

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