Act Out “What’s Clearly Bothering Me” Monologue

New Challenge!! This one should be especially fun if you have you ever wanted to be an actor, write a screenplay, have a one-person show, or just challenge yourself like me. If you are like me, either you just clicked off of this, or haven’t gotten around to it ’cause you paused to wonder whether “blog incontinence” is such a thing. Either way, this challenge is for you….mmmkaaaay “us”.

Challenge Details

1) I will give me 5 days in keeping with the original challenge. That’s due Wednesday, the 10th at 10:00 p.m. CST

2) Record and post an original video of yourself bringing the drama to my monologue,  “What’s Clearly Bothering Me”

3) You may share a link to your video on this post, so I know where to watch and subscribe

See if I can do this– hear these words read aloud from the mouths of strangers and those I kinda know or know a little more– what if the same exact words came from more than one–like from maybe an actor or aspiring actor so I get challenge the insecurity of not being good enough? those who may stumble over the words…that make me wish I had rewrote them, or obsess in my head over how it’s now how I thought it would be interpreted… Challenge myself to put my own video with me in it… up next to someone else’s to be compared–  knowing I’ll be judged or disappoint someone who thinks my interpretation isn’t how they imagined it? Then, these aren’t just pages and posts, I can do anything. This isn’t about passive learning or a hobby for me. It’s about what has to be done for me, my legacy, and what they should know, no matter. No, it isn’t a natural– it’s an induction. I’m inducing this baby if I can pull this  one off.

And if I do? Then certainly, I could breathe life into that “About Me” page and actually finish that .com sitting there empty as I relax in the comfort of our sweet poetry with my sweet tea and every other un-accomplished undone task and intention– waiting for it’s time– oh I’m nervous alright. I’m nervous for me and for you. For me because for once my fingers and eyes might not just flow with and the read words, but literally my own story: the answers and observations I couldn’t receive from my foremothers, a free start ’cause those who follow might not have to dig out of the sludge of self-imposed obstacles so context and truth become lines that connect the dots, so they might choose to build instead of having to re-learn all that could’ve been passed along. It’s easier to leave ’em money than it is to leave ’em whole so that currency flows to her at anytime after nearly any mistake, and she knows that it will be okay. Hmm. When I say “you can do anything” and they see it in my eyes and the knowing smirk on my face? Do I really believe what I just said? Hell yeah What would it mean to you?

Ohhh honey, I was so proud of myself for stepping “outside of my box” to write the monologue: What’s Clearly Bothering Me aaaaand sharing it. If you follow or do challenges with me, you suspect that perhaps I leaped outta that particular box and chunked it in the trash 5 days ago! I put have already put my feelings and sarcasms, joys, pain, fear, faults and every tendency– nerd, neurotic, erotic, from the country to r-and-bow-chick-a-wowow and back–errors- not “rough drafts” but “sand drafts”, popular-unpopular– whatever. I really believed that I was challenging myself. That’s why I resolved not to my truth check for granted, “Do I really believe what I just said?” Yes, I am very proud of “What’s Clearly Bothering Me”, but NO it is not really that challenging to write or hit send or share anymore.  Now what?

If you said, “well make it true, and please…continue,” Meka loves ya too sunshine 🙂  When I typed: Should I read this on youtube for my next own challenge? That idea scares THE HELL outta me!! This means: Folks! We have a challenge. Oui and “we”, as always ya know you’re invited (not required) but it  sure would be great if you could join me. I would loooove to see a YouTube video of someone reading this. You don’t understand, no one has ever accused me of being a good actor- no one, and feel free to lol just because I’m nervous doesn’t mean I take myself that kinda seriously. But if you dare challenge yourself to do this, submit a link to a video of yourself acting out this monologue. If that’s not a challenge, feel free to do it anyway just to shout me out if you dig it here.

What if I can’t do this? I can do this- it’s possible, but the right question to me is more like, ”how will I interpret it if I don’t pull this off?”. I will interpret it that I need to dust off and try again.

I will subscribe to the videos or however that works and post yet ANOTHER video reaction to them as needed. Wow… if company’s coming over, that means that I will have to actually finish setting up the LoveMekanism Project YouTube Channel—  just step over that  slide show about daisies I never finished…If I kept going, it would’ve become about Legos.   Well whaddaya say?

-Love Meka




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