Interact Tonight with me 8:30CST

Inside Wants Out

Inside Wants Out (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Happy Sunday! I’m personally inviting you to interact with me tonight as you wind down this evening. Here, I’ll be posting a chat thread to update you on my progress for last week’s challenge and posting Part 2 of that challenge. I will also talk about my adventures in preparing for Challenge to Act Out. You are encouraged to post your Level points, questions, or any support for either challenge.


Look out for the update on the newest I found interpreted from Mira’s winning song, Daughters by John Mayer from last week. If there’s time and inspiration, I have also challenged myself to actually write a short poem 5, so there’s a chance for that too.


See ya soon, and thank you so much for reading.





3 comments on “Interact Tonight with me 8:30CST

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