Part 2: Challenge to Finish a Project

Congratulations to us! I had a few setbacks last week, but I just kept it pushin’, and I am here. That, my dear Love, was an ugly win, but somehow pulled it off Part 1 of my Challenge to actually Finish a Project. In this case, I’ll take it.

First, Let’s Recap: You are here. 

By completion of Level 2.0, you’ve: smoothed out your fearful or critical foundation; picked a project, that aligns with your goals, to build on your smooth new foundation; figured out the amount of time you can realistically dedicate; and you’ve dived into preparation- Check! *times 4- all in anticipation of impending success… this time. If you’re like me honey, it helps to have some accountability. Well I’m here; you’re here. Check! Whatcha waiting for? Dive on in, right? Well there’s that… Dive into what, exactly?

Well, welcome to Part 2. We will develop a a Game Plan to complete a project– not to be confused with a business plan, marketing, plan, or feasibility study. This is be a part of the whole, but this is what you need to know for now. Ooooh I can just feel the impatience as I type this. Hang in there, we’re gonna do this the right way.

Develop a Game Plan to Complete a Project

-For Love Level 2.5

1. Write a detailed plan for completion of your project

 – Make a list of everything you need to do, whyyyy you need to do it, and what “doing it (tasks)”   includes… do this to the best of your own knowledge

– Sort your tasks in chronological order from 1st task to the last task

*feel free to draw it on butcher paper, poster board, type your data into a table, spreadsheet, or database– whatever makes you comfortable

Strategies to Research What You Don’t Know

-For Love Level 3.0

2. Fill in the Blanks. How? Here are some suggestions to fill in what you do not do

– Reach out to others who have done what you want to do, and seek advice. Maybe pick 3 so you’re not overwhelmed with info

-Plus nowadays, there’s an eBook or paperback for everything, so if you can afford it, don’t be afraid to pay a few bucks.

– Search online, but be careful not to get stuck there– know what you’re looking for and get out to keep damning “analysis paralysis” at bay

– Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, call, and ask someone. I can think of many topics I have worked on over the years, and the info either wasn’t up-to-date online or in the detail you may need, so just call

-Go to the library. There are still a few things you can only find in books or resources available only in the library, plus the ambience of the library– I find the environment there conducive for productivity– just a place I know I can go to get stuff done. They even have children’s activities and events if child care is an issue

This is Happening: When can you expect to finish your project?

-For Love Level 3.5

3. Assign Milestones. Give each task an actual date / time you aspire to complete the task. These are milestones. Have a little celebration for each win. I won’t see it as pressure, but as a bunch of opportunities to celebrate! Remember that the journey itself is the good stuff.

Dish Out Assignments: Get some help and support

-For Love Level 4.0

4. Delegate. If you need help, get some by delegating some tasks to a buddy, a professional (attorney, photographer, real estate agent, stylist, etc.), or leverage technology such as apps, databases, or SaaS like (email marketing, etc). Well complete your chart with this information.

Put a Bow on It: Organize and condense your findings

-For Love Level 5.0

5. Summarize. If your original game plan notes are illegible or scattered, that’s ok, but let’s present it in a nice, concise, report. It seems like a small guesture now, but this is my plan to follow. Following a plan that reflects the thought put into it offers motivation to continue– reminding me that this was thought out– during times when it’s easy to forget, and the next steps are always before me.

A lot of ground is covered in this part of the challenge. I don’t expect to have it all by Sunday for this project, but stranger things have happened! I’ll let you know Sunday night, and you do the same.

Thank you for reading, following, and sharing my journey- challenging yourself with me. It’s contagious, right?! And heartening to see productive, positive, and creative energy conducted and radiating from you to… I guess the world (…feels crazy typing that). But I’m immensely grateful.
– lovemeka

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