BREAKING NEWS: This Just In…Poem 7

Debate this: “Which came first?”  Of two choices, one will be wrong. Lift your VOICES. Debate hard and long–regardless the degree of truth or benefit to you. . At least you belong. No matter — debate and repeat ’til you believe it’s normal…

While I…. Press you flat into two-dimensional as I have Associated you in two groups for my efficiency

I have conveniently labeled negotiated views for you, absent you– but debate these only as it pleases the group

Reduce this: “Which came last?” The answer’s here…no over there! Don’t question what you think. Access to success, as defined by the group I gave you, are now key words beyond this  link. Or a whistle or a nod when reduced to the simplest terms for common man, so the “strong” understand that they are better… had it harder or whatever they need to see that the weak are the real enemy– not me.

While I… observe and record. I optimize all but the frequency of each whistle’s sound wave just to capitalize on what

…bounds their knowledge and rules their actions. Hand over first, I’m grabbing before they notice. I’m gone. Then

Fist over hands, I expose your whistles to your victims  who don’t know and then to their victims who don’t know.

Now I’m the hero and I… get more and MO’  thanks aaall to how that whistle blows.

English: By Richard Wheeler (Zephyris) 2007.

English: By Richard Wheeler (Zephyris) 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Derive this: “What amounts to last?” That section says Finance; chase it.  Sure, it’s accurate!

Look, a shiny thing you need!  Unless… you lack space for it. This one is perfect so have 2 You’ll say or do, dance, sing, medicate, or take whatever you need to portray it as beautiful so they follow you. And I’ll keep you safely on my pages where you’re seen as a success

While I… Whistle- toot! toot! They are not like you.

Report empirical evidence in studies that suggest: How it Came First. You say intelligent; they say evolution; they never understood you; why understand them? Keep quiet, except among friends, that the rest are delusioned seems a foregone conclusion

While I… give the illusion of a compromising translation, lobby congress to divert your funding

so there’s never enough money to finish your work. I know it hurts you were close to cure; who does that anymore

Plus it looks funny– a bunny running for R and D; commenting negatively using products of R and D

Cheer up Fellow, indeed- just say you tested the rest on jello and make an incomplete pill for me “Congrats!” elite Professor

– Whistle- Whistle- Toot! Toot! Toot! Toot! Tooot! Watch ME!!!


Today, around all 24 hours something terrible happened to someone or something, somewhere- not likely to you. But always be very afraid. Officials warn that some of them are armed and dangerous. Stay inside and stay tuned since there is nothing else you can do but report to your groups. So you know to react to one sudden unspeakable act.

While I distract you from your daughter’s photograph, husband’s tenor, son’s painting, or wife’s instrument. The wisdom of a stale broken cookie you traveled the world to finally see. So you’re patiently awaiting for the description of the perpetrator with canned opinion in hand about an injustice houses, land, and worlds apart- never noticing changes in their art or the direction of their tunes.  Don’t have to be smart but listen and pay attention.

Who am I? I am you and you are me.

Please note that this is art- not a commentary on today’s verdict. Whatever it was; maybe if I’m inspired I’ll could something later. I’ve been writing it in tiny pieces on breaks throughout the day here, but days are busy. I do apologize if that’s what you were hoping to see. If you like it, I always enjoy your support and shout-outs! Don’t forget to share and follow!



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