You are Interacting with ME: Express Yourself Edition

Express Yourself Edition




Don’t forget to hit the refresh to see my edits as I am writing ‘live’. You can post using the comment box, share using the links below if you would like to invite someone. Email and sharing options are below and in the Contact tab.







Meka's Daisies

They remind me of sunshine- ‘cep on the ground


I’m just here editing and writing (with so much to cover, didn’t actually get to do much editing) my progress updates. Please *note that I will be discussing a little about race tonight in light of the response to Treyvon Martin verdict– not a usual topic for me, but I wanted to give you a heads up. I know all aren’t as comfortable with that topic as I am, so I will understand if you would wanna catch up in the morning. I would never want to hurt anyone.




*I sincerely apologize for the typo “not” instead of “note”. I post drafts here until I can edit them.  Please do feel free as I welcome it and hope you will still leave them below and/or see the continued discussion on the related post here if that stopped you from expressing yourself about it. I would love it if you would still like to add somethingIt was well into the morning before making it far enough on the list to notice and corrected it.  But if you have any questions about my crazy drafts, please feel free to ask or send an email, and I will respond asap– especially while I’m here writing ‘live’ during Interact.




Agenda (between edits):




1) Ask me something, post your expressions, poll below as I write about my Challenge to Complete a Project Progress – Update on separate post




2) Celebrate Challenge to “Act Out What’s…..Bothering Me” monologue here.  To find the “What’s Clearly Bothering Me” Monologue –  video submitted for the challenge, Click here -Comment on this post but also celebrated on the linked post




3) Awards Comment on this post




4) My picks: Music, Art, Poetry, etc –via Comment on this post




5) Quoting Myself (a new series) “Romantic Love” to be continued this week — Comment and watch for Update on a separate post later




6) Commentary on: 1) News and information  – see the related post 2) I reveal and discuss the Treyvon Martin verdict reaction




comments in social media that stood out to me- Find comment here and link to related post








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15 comments on “You are Interacting with ME: Express Yourself Edition

  1. Welcome new people, and thank you old people. By far the most gratifying accomplishment this past week was doing the challenge to act out (links in text)

    2) Celebrate Challenge to Act Out “What’s Clearly Bothering Me” Monologue – For the video submitted, Click here –Comment on this post but also celebrated on the linked post

    • That was my first video and something I thought I would never do. For whatever reason, I just had this phobia of being famous. Lmbo! What an assumption?! Considering that my video has had all of 16 views from the time I just went to grab the link lol. But you should have seen me shaking. I literally waited until the last minute to do it. That’s why it was posted later that day. It’s horrendous, but it was so important to me. I even tried to edit it a little bit. At first I couldn’t figure out how to get the music off without pulling it down. I felt extremely powerful afterward to just take charge of it. Have you ever had to overcome a fear? How did you handle that? Do you still have a fear you would like to overcome?

  2. 3) Awards – Comment on this post

    The most shiny related thing that happened while working on Love Mekanism Project were getting the Sunshine and Inner Peace Award. It was special because in the past, I have gotten awards, recognitions, promotions, all kinds of stuff over my career for writing before the writer’s block and for writing other things but writing creatively and for myself– this is all very new. So, maybe it’s nothing to those creative writers who inspire me, but this process is important for me personally. It means a lot. I’ll explain some of what I mean as I go on, and you will start to fit the pieces together. When it comes to me exactly how I should express it, I will.

    It was literally going to be a journal, but I was so inundated with words and text that I had to find ways to express more than a single idea. Y’all read my fiction, and it’s not very good YET lol, but everything else– look it up unless it’s symbolism, but this is me. The truth shall set ya free and ya know…that’s how I feel….free! This one was right on time. I decided to commit all my talents and developing those I’ve wanted. I’m working on it! Thank you for the gift.

  3. Don’t be shy…. I don’t bite– well, hard. I expected it to be this way- steady visitors, but not many comments. I’m going to turn off the community photos to see if that helps you enjoy kick your feet up.

    4) My picks: Music, Art, Poetry, etc –via Comment on this post

    • I’m calling these my “picks” of the week because to pick a “favorite” is just too hard.

      1) First pick has to go to one of my new facebook friends, a young hip-hop artist who posted right on my wall- unprompted, asking that I see his music. I get lots of requests that I review new music. It was polite and respectful and the song he chose was appropriate. By appropriate, I’m not trying to act like I can’t deal with curse words, it’s just that to write about it, it would have to have some depth and connect with it– even if it were an erotic art, give me something to imagine…sheesh! But it wasn’t, so I listened to the song he gave me, and responded- initially because I admired that this was a well thought out submission. Who know? When I get lyrics, I could be inspired to write. The song is called, Spin the World; his name is Alberto Gaffy B Vazquez, and this is the link

      2) I discovered Juno (lol@discovered) while she visited Love Mekanism Project showing lots of love, and you know how I appreciate small things, so I headed over to hers to show some love, but I was absolutely blown away by her photos yall. The captions are so beautiful and fitting. You may have seen her photo that I posted here entitled “Loves” but you should check out her others too; they are just an instant pick-me-up smile!

      3) Last, but not least, and this is the hardest thing… poetry. I read so many amazing things this past week that my mind just wanders, but I’m not picking this one because it was the most beautifully written because unfortunately I was not naturally sunny the last couple of days, and that’s ok. It sharpens my steele, but I dig peace; I just had to put myself there– the most beautifully somber works of art– maybe having no sense of what’s normal, on a subconscious level it was what I needed to feel ok, so I had to reach into the archives for a pick-me-up… some tried and true work, and this one did the trick. Untitled by Kevito you remember that it was an Adult Poem I featured, entitled here.

  4. 5) Quoting Myself (a new series on here) “Romantic Love” to be continued this week — Comment and watch for Update on a separate post later.

    The first quote from this week was in response to a follower on twitter named Simone Biene (“Helping you make lasting changes in life, love and sex. TV Host; Sex Therapist & Relationship Coach; Playboy Radio Host & Advisor; Rehab w/ Dr Drew; Dog Momma!)

    Well, she tweeted as @simonebiene tweeted”: If they really love you, you shouldn’t have to change a thing about yourself.

    I completed it for me as @lovemekanism : Wow…harsh, but very true…

    “…Otherwise, he’s in love with his own ideas”

    She posed a question wanting to know what advice one would give to herself 5 years ago, and I said that it would be this, and it would. Ladies, I don’t like to give out advise, but we must be honest with and love ourselves– flaws and all, yes…even those. There are so many rules to remember, but if nothing else, remember your boundaries, but if you love and be proud of your whoooole self, those things become natural to you.

    “When a man sees a woman, he sees his future and what it would look like with her in it– sometimes never considering that she is also a human being with sees a future of her own.”

  5. As I type this, it’s officially the morning of July 15, 2013

    6) Commentary on: 1) News and information – see the related post.

    The related post is a big ol’ poem called “BREAKING NEWS…Poem 7”, I hope by now, you know for sure that you don’t know what I’m about to say. Of course art is always up for interpretation, but to me this one has only enough context about news and information to allow an illustration of distractions, motives, the real price of choosing convenience, the domino-effect, etc. I knooww that for a work of poetry, it expects a lot of the reader, and I do, but since this Project is still new, I may as well also measure your interests and how it evolves if it does- plus us nerds gotta read too lol but this one is wild. I want those who find this in the future to see the connection of choices, consequences, and the importance of understanding the rules even when you don’t like them. You know it’s never really about the thing– or shall I say ‘just’ the thing. Of course there’s lots of truth in that there are only a handful of companies that own everything– pretty much all media. But that is only secondary to the fact that the condition is because that’s the way “we the people” want it to be. Like life and society’s debates, this works appears complicated and sends you chasing answers that you must have the basics to understand, but when you get them, you realize that it really is simple. I like that the lesson builds on the basics (Link below to Nerd Words: Humanity) of understanding the value and potential impact of an individual ‘as part of a whole’ where I can understand how it’s easy to feel as insignificant. Society really does reflect who we are because it iiis us: our contradictions, what our hearts desire, and other human qualities like emotions, but more of what we do, our values, how we treat one another at the moment. Hmm… wonder where you find information like that? Well, first there’s the man in the mirror and connecting with him how you do that lol and for me, I connect with others through new and independent music, art, and lit. Talking and looking in the eyes is important for that human connection, but I also find the honesty in art refreshing. I’m pretty happy to have grown up at a time when those were widely available in school.

    More media info: I’m posting this to prove that this contextual info about news and info is no secret… plain sight from reputable sources if we ever wanted to know…

    Thank you so much for reading!! 2) on the next comment

  6. 2) I reveal and discuss my favorite Trayvon Martin verdict comment in social media- via Comment here and continued at link to related post

    On 7/13/13, a not-guilty verdict was handed down, freeing a 29 year-old adult white male of Hispanic descent who followed and gunned down a 17 year-old black male of American descent- sooo this is all the folk taxonomy I have, but it fits the narrative in Florida. Social media responded swiftly and relentlessly, most were shock and disbelief, others were analytical, messages of faith, and encouragement. These were memorable to me:

    I found these exerpts from posts on facebook authored Dy Blackston and Jacqueline Kuykeydall, respectively.

    Excerpt from Dy Blackston’s 7/14/13 comment

    “When I say don’t tear down your community; I mean verbally and emotionally. This is not Rachel Jeantels fault. Please understand that this is a time where we must show one another love. She sat on that stand with courage, and tenacity even through her fear. She came and gave a testimony as best as she could even though English was not her first language. She came inspite of the biased remarks based on her looks, her language, or anything else. She came. So no it is not her fault a young unarmed teen was followed, confronted, then gunned down for no reason at all.”

    Jacquelyn Kuykendall 7/14/13 comment

    “…bothering me from posts I’ve seen that we don’t say anything when it’s happened in other places. Unfortunately, we have all been trained to not say these things in public especially on our FB pages because then we come off as always bringing up the “race card”. I don’t like gangs and senseless violence of ANY race. This is one case that has been in the media so of course it’s the topic right now.”

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    • Thank you, I’m glad you found something useful in this sea of info 🙂 I really do appreciate your well-wishes. I look forward to having you join me on Interact again, and I wish you all the luck too as well.

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