May as Well Tell You Now: A Poem

-Poem 8: Inspired by the family and those grieving Treyvon Martin

If I could ever shield you from darkness and injustice, I would shield you now

What was wrong with believing everything seen on tv about freedom, justice, and being

Wild-eyed innocence—like a child beaming at Santa…or the President- you can do anything!

Who could tell you? I know how they felt comforting me as a child who had seen the King beating on TV

A paroled construction worker and the violence that ensured, I would rather forget

But it happens too often, so I can’t- hoped against disappointment months ago sensing no good end

Maybe that’s the reason your broken heart now calls my pen…

Raindrops in your coffee; these words are bitter to taste but there’s a lot of truth

Dear loves, I wouldn’t waste my “me space” just to bullsh-t you

In society, cold, false equivalences and indifferences are the soul beneath social celebrity

Just wanting you to be happy, I never would have revealed these… but her skirt is lifted and

I will sorely miss this faith that the world will be there for you; hero

Unzipping your hoodie to a cape, I am comfortable knowing you’ll be there for it though

Buying chips and soda, you are powerful—you just helped vote for a company—an industry

…a standard- funded a retirement—supported a small business—created jobs at a factory somewhere

You wear …something, tweet it, and now the world needs it

You buy a home it feeds the world; when you’re tricked, it starves it

You select your own view through you art—telling them how to view you

When much of the world has never laid on this—yet this barely 10% minority

Birthed mankind from caves, gave music, art, science, and culture from the bowels of slaveships

And plantations oh beeeehave! Yes, they hunt you; they hunted you yesterday

Racist statements affect you like a mid-day ant’s piss in Timbuktu

You’re made of what…20% everything?—from everywhere it all is you. It’s your DNA

Made to survive this… Honey, you will be ok…promise. You are not helpless

What will you do today? Educate a nation? Be, pick, or support a unaffordable politician

Raise great citizens to be the next great generation? Change your major?

I don’t bet, but if I wagered– it wouldn’t be against you my dear loves.



2 comments on “May as Well Tell You Now: A Poem

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