Update Part 2: Challenge to Finish a Project

Good morning! All my loves, I hope the weekend returned you to me rested and ready for a challenge Update.

Part 2: Challenge to Finish a Project.

I made it to Level 2.5! Wooo!!! Ok…that’s all I got. Cheers! Sure, I wanted to get further along. I’m just glad I picked this section as the first because it makes things so much easier.  Straight away, you get some direction- a plan. But there are never enough hours, are there? If you remember, from Part 1 how  I had to pace myself because a pressing issue bumped my project, but with what I had done so far, it was easy. I can’t pretend that I’m excited about waiting. Somethings just don’t work out as predicted, but when I remember all the times things didn’t turn out as I wanted them to turn out, it actually turned out to be the best thing that could have happened because the alternative is usually (a crash or something?) Well… let’s just say worse… Well, that’s what I keep telling myself! Hey, whatever works.

The key for me is trying not to force things, but to believe that  it is unequivocally for me, so there’s nothing that could keep me from my destiny. I like when Oprah says, “God can dream a bigger dream than you.” What a happy lil statement- to imagine that whatever doesn’t happen pales in comparison to what you could ever “dreeeeeam” will be in the future.  This way, I don’t create unnecessary obstacles for myself. But in all fairness, my list was pretty detailed, and I am working on 2 simultaneously. I’m happy to be moving along, and with a plan in place, I can at least see where I’m going. That’s exciting!

Guess what? In my plan, I  made sure to link the connections specifically why I am doing something a certain way just in case another way comes about, and I can quickly recalled why that choice worked and the others could not. How is your project?


3 comments on “Update Part 2: Challenge to Finish a Project

  1. Congratulations my dear * keep up your great mood * my project? to be able to continue photographing life and pass (through my lenses ) my poet-photographer message *hugs

    • Thank you Love! Your encouragement means the world. I truly adore them so much. I reblogged another photo. It was delightful.

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