Cheers (Drink to That)

Cheers (Drink to That) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Celebrating my 50th Post!! Cheers!

I was so proud to finally press the Publish button on my first article. How many times have  I sat down to free myself of the imposing knocks of words to be poured from my heart and conducted through my fingertips from 70-80+ wpm (and back).. of personal creative writings in poetry, prose, short stories–even portions of novels, and inspiration, musings, celebrations of life and truth as I found it– only to not click Publish? Too many times for years, a steadily increasing rumble of keystrokes become white noise at a noble clacking translator, that in a sudden halt, could not comprehend “send”. But I never imagined a day would come when rumble would stop altogether. Simply writing my 50th post doesn’t look like a gigantic feat, but honey I assure you that looks can deceive. If a single shard of silver in a storm cloud can bring hope for generations, certainly 50 posts after writer’s block is worth celebrating. Cheers for the little community here with the big heart! Thank you for sticking by me and hoping with me. I believe that cheers are also in order for harnessing fear, overcoming adversity, continuing to grow; for all the hidden work that may never see the light of day, for all the support from old and new friends who cheer me on as I ride the wave of their support in the name of their own unpublished and unshared work until they can join me on their own terms in their own time, I am grateful, lucky, blessed, and humbled to celebrate this occasion . Thank you -lovemeka

50 Posts?! Let’s Celebrate


One comment on “50 Posts?! Let’s Celebrate

  1. You make reading as smooth as I would think your speaking voice is, I bet Angels sigh and stop what Angels do and sit on clouds and wait for you to write your next installment of smoothness. Your writing is like I would think having personal conversations with Ray Charles, Billy Brag and Janis Joplin while sitting in a jacuzzi at the perfect temperature with perfect bubbles sipping the best non alcohol cocktail. Relaxed and educated =)

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