Demise and Burial of the Half@ssed Apology

Demise and Burial of the Half-assed Apology

by Meka

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here today to eulogize the Half-assed Apology. In recent years, Half authored acclaimed works such as: “I’m sorry you took it that way.” “I regret that your feelings were hurt.” the popular series “I apologize if…” and other relationship-damaging political lawyering gobbledygook our loved ones have come to exchange as par for the course with newly discovered pseudo-celebrity.

Mr. Apology came of age with Crossed Fingers and later Instead O. Permission. They became fast friends with him but regret they cannot be here today as it has become difficult for them to appear in public. We were unable to find any notable long-term accomplishments, and his surviving family members couldn’t be here. It says on this note here:

To whom it may concern:

Roll Tide

Roll Tide (Photo credit: gjs)

Please inform No One, that I will be attending the bedsides of closer relatives, Honest Mistake and I. F. Dupp, instead. After that, I’ll be working overtime on a world tour promoting for One Self and his clients, Forgive and Forget, on their new book entitled, Good Luck Getting an Apology Nowadays. How ’bout Nick Saban?

Roll Tide,

Pr’ tendit Didn-Thappen

Kids please get outta that dirt! Hmm…what am I doing? I’m just mm-making mud pies. Oh..this box? A…pretend baking pan. Ok, you’re right; I’m lying. I’m sorry for lying to you; I was embarrassed to admit that I’m eulogizing a figurative– right, you’re 3. I was embarrassed. I’m just trying to say that it’s ok to make mistakes and that sometimes even the best choices can turn out to be wrong. Why not apologize, make it right the best you can, and move on- especially for someone you love?

Cause of Death

I buried the half-assed apology and made it dead to me. How? The basics of course, the truth. And the truth is that some things matter more to us than others. If everyone started being honest with the ones we love, I’m convinced that over the long-term, we could help stop replaying this serial-hurting movie…that is Half-Assed Apologies and everything else related to the notion that somehow people should be perfect. Round and round we go circling debates, cliches, filtered photos, the Jones’ (no offense to the Jones’), but we have long proven idea of perfection, wrong –yet keep them up just so we don’t have to admit that we were wrong. We will always strive to be better people because that’s what humans do or what faith tells us. Why else would we feel this pull or drive to thrive, adapt, and survive?

Jones Cemetery

Jones Cemetery (Photo credit: Peter Kaminski)

R.I. P. Here Lies Half-Ass Apology

Hmm… wouldn’t that be nice? To raise more loving people who affect friends and the world with their love, and maybe they make ‘loving’ choices in their daily purchases for love or respect for what’s acceptable for themselves and their bodies and the mindfulness of their loved ones. What if markets responded to it, our art reflected it, and we stopped picking politicians based on who does the best cover job– (c’mon you’d be suspicious of some of these perverts and ya know it! lol). Maybe the world might be one big lovingly perfect family? Hell no; I just said we’re fallible, but we can do our part. We can strive one small step one day at a time, right? What’s wrong with that?

What do you think?

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6 comments on “Demise and Burial of the Half@ssed Apology

  1. Girlllllllll…. I love it!! So glad I could attend today’s services. May it REST IN PEACE.

  2. Nice reading about you Meka

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

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