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I’m here Honey c’mon in, and grab a sweet tea. What do you think about the question?

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Tonight’s Question …is for artists of all disciplines

Q. Does your art imitate life, or is does life seem to be imitating art? For the 3rd time in a week, I’ve written a seemingly random work only to learn that a public and related thing had just occurred. Has that ever happened to you? Why do you think so?

Sweet Iced Tea

Sweet Iced Tea (Photo credit: Godverbs)

Join me for *My PICKS*- my favorite things of the week, Poem 10, challenge update status, and more when I start writing at 8pm CST.

Meanwhile, “Like” and check in at where I’ll be posting upcoming events and happenings for friends of the project. Let me know if I missed something!


I had such a difficult time last week that I decided to start early! And I am so glad I did that. This week was absolutely amazing because I found so much great work. I have been sharing it everywhere. I’ve been inundated with inspiration, so I’m tinkering with another little blog where I can put the stuff that doesn’t fit neatly here (called I Love Mekanism – More Love, for now).

My Picks!

1. Vintage Black Glamour Archives

2. Excerpt from the Black Book to Achieving Your Goals

3. Nicholas Gagnier ‘s poem at Retcon Poet: Halitosis

Hey guess what y’all:

Love Mekanism Project turns1 Month Old

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I’m registered at… 😀 Kidding! But I just need any old reason to celebrate.


Flexible schedule so that I can still write as inspired, but you can expect these.

Sunday: Interact: Some time between 8-9:30pm CST

Tuesday: Nerd Words

Thursday: New Artist Challenge

Friday: “Quoting Myself”: New series will feature quotes from conversations I have had with others. I find that the stuff I leave around sometimes is pretty darn good! To just never share it or leave it in a comment thread some where would be a travesty. Now the following isn’t my quote, but it came from a conversation with Shawn Bird last night after I read her lovely short poem, Soap.

Writing Advice: Trimming Writing Down to a Short Poem

Comment convo between: talented poet, educator, author, and friend of the Project,

Shawn L. Bird

Sometimes you have to write yourself to the theme of the piece. One starts with a raw emotion and you just ramble and ramble until you reach your epiphany (hopefully). Once you’ve reached it though, instead of relating the whole journey, you can look for the key spots. Underline or circle great phrases or powerful words. Choose only the best. What are the key thoughts that lead the reader to your theme?

English: The Poem Tree, Wittenham Clumps, Oxfo...

English: The Poem Tree, Wittenham Clumps, Oxfordshire. Photograph by Jonathan Bowen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you tell your friends about your vacation, you don’t tell them about every tree you saw. You have to pass them in order to get to your destination, but they’re not worth including in your ‘vacation story’ later on. You just pick the best moments to retell, and so it should be with a poem.

Print off the first draft (or a few copies!) Try cutting out all the adverbs adjectives (and adjective and adverbial phrases like articles and prepositional phrases). What’s left? Look at the verbs. Is each one powerful? What are your transitional words? Are you overusing your conjunctions? Play with your pencil, pruning pieces until you find perfection. ;-)


Thank you for this. Maybe I will try this one day, but I know now that this is not my style. The lot of what I write is very important to me, but I will get to this as a serious challenge at some point. I’ve copied and pasted in my notes. Thank you so much!


At different stages of our journey, poetry takes different forms, and our polishing takes different forms. You know what they say, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Ladies and gentlemen!! Shawn Bird 🙂 And check out Poem 10: Hopeful Love Haiku

Watch for New Artist Challenge Page coming soon..

More details, rules that I kept in mind, and support related to Challenges. I understand that some are coming later and want to complete the ones I have on their own. Also the New Artist Challenge is becoming a series instead of a sporadic event!

Welp! It’s 10:30pm– not early morning writing for me. I have a long day, so I’m getting the hell outta here so I can calm down and think about Poem 10 🙂 It’s been a great day! Watch for it soon! Thanks for joining me!

UPDATE: Poem 10: Hopeful Love Haiku*

* …k, so I get that its a little nerdy of me to use the 12 English (syllables) is about 17 Japanese instead of just the 5-7-5 but whatcha want from me? I wrote a love poem with a server box reference 😉



6 comments on “Interact with Me Tonight 8 PM CST

  1. Thanks all for joining me and shouting me out– reading my stuff so far. Right now, I’m tinkering with a “Start Here” page- that’s its working title. I know I’ve said this before, but I wasn’t exactly expecting people, but I’m really happy you could be here, and it’s the least I could do to make you feel comfortable.

    But I wanna take a break to talk about My Picks! It’s amazing to be surrounded by so many bright and creative people and a month ago

    • #1 So back to My Picks: As you know, I wrote a poem this week called “Wailing for the Good Old Days“. To be honest, I’m not really a fan of Jazz music, but as I wrote this poem, I could hear the band playing the wailing horns and see the people dancing and having a great time as I wrote it. When I finished it, I felt that it just needed a picture, and boy did I find some pictures! I wanted a painting, but I came across these photos on National Public Radio’s website, who had featured Vintage Black Glamour in an article. It was the best thing I could’ve found. Why? Shortly afterI found out that my great Aunt is in the hospital. She’s not well and hasn’t been. But I try not to remember her as she is now. I remember sitting at the foot of her vanity and watching her transform as opera and Mahalia Jackson playing tilled the room, the jazz oozed from her. I remember eating petit fours and baklava with her, going with her to socialize, and listen to friends and family tell stories of how fly she was back when… I lived with her at a difficult time, and no one could have had the impact she did. I see her storming out of her room with a handgun at the sound of the faintest noise–just wishin’ someone woooould be in her house lol I enjoyed her just the way she was- glamorous. The life she described and her adventures in California were always so different from what I knew and heard– having spent so much time in a rural or pretty small-town setting. It all came back to me when I saw these photos- her stories. Although the work had been written by the time I found them, I owe that moment to Vintage Black Glamour Archives. So, I have followed it everywhere.

      • 2. Excerpt from the Black Book to Achieving Your Goals by Gabriel Lucatero

        This is related to my Challenge progress this week. It took me several days to get through it. I am still at the same stage as last week. I am inspired by your art and by writing my thoughts, escaping into the lyrics and helped by reaching out to comfort others when I can, but this work. While, it says a lot of the same things I wrote in my Challenge to Complete a Project, this reading the excerpt from Black Book to Achieving Your Goals has kept my head in the game. It was like having my own little internal Amen section. I was grateful to the author. It was extremely difficult to narrow down the choices this week, but hands-down, this ranks up there with any beautiful artwork to me. Because without the challenges and making it happen– maintaining the machine that does the work, having bottled up art can be useless. It was timely, and his work tends to do that. Check this out and his other books at

      • 3. Nicholas Gagnier ‘s poem at Retcon Poet: Halitosis

        I’m aware that someone out there someplace as I type this is seriously hating that I have included Canadian poet, Nicholas Gagnier’s work on yet another list of my fav picks. And at this point, I really don’t give a damn. I had no idea what to expect when I saw the title, “Halitosis” it’s something you want to get away from- far far away. But it snatches you right away, and you know that what you’re reading is great even though you may not get it all the first time around. But here’s a setting, a plot, score, multi-layered characters, wrapped up in quadruple-layered duct tape that looks exactly like a sexy little bow. I mean…you know you have to read it about 4 times, but this time ya actually do. And that sentiment is resolved after the first time. Hmmm…maybe it’s just in my head or that it’s just my opinion. But it’s my party! And this is my pick. Thank you all so much for reading and even giving a crap what I write.Good nite!

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