Poem 11: Selective Memories

Selective Memories

It’s good to spare a moment on days overcast with clouds- just to enjoy the memories of sunshine -the lovely and divine moments. Hidden or scattered- they mattered. Remember…

Rays that warmed our beaming faces and how laughter stiffened our cheeks that day ‘til our heads couldn’t stay down and our mouths could no longer control the stream

But we restrained the sound ‘til it escaped our nose, and sent so much glee to our bellies that sun showers poured from our eyes in a rush so powerful our sides… achedWith Meka

Why were we laughing like that anyway? The world will never ever know, but we all hold warm bright memories like those… when we excuse ourselves for we can’t control

Spare one….for just a moment or as many of them as you can find. And pull them from the comforting grip of the cavity at your ribs, and hold them up to your eyes, if…

…if that is the only way you can see good things. Just as the sun has never failed to rise- even when slighted by clouds’ blocking it’s light, good memories are always there when you select it

The glow of goodness  isn’t only in us; so many are making memories like those under our sun. When clouds are so low you can’t see or select any, believe that what shows is the beginning and are greater than one will ever know


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