Nerd Words: et Tu, Rose?

Rose that Grew from Concrete and rosa do povo

Other than the reference to Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar, I have never heard the phrase “et tu”. Hearing or reading this literary earworm reminds me of the very first time I heard, “et tu, Brute?” which means “even you, Brutus?” A betrayed Julius Ceasar says in a dramatic bro-mantic finish after being stabbed by his own best friend and one he never expected to betray him, Marcus Brutus-“even you, Fool?” Oh yeah, Brutus also means stupid in Latin. In retrospect, this one of only two things from high school that I long for. Yes, I know that was a pretty geeky thing to say. The other one longing was Tupac. Tupac’s most famous poem is The Rose that Grew from Concrete (refer to the link above as needed). That’s why I’m calling this one “et Tu Rose?

“et tu” Know Better Than ‘tu’ Think ‘Tu’ Know What I’m About ‘2’ say:

My story is not very similar to Tupac’s, but who cannot relate to accomplishing something or making good choices in a difficult or seemingly impossible circumstance. Having done this, dear Rose, I know better than to refuse to prepare for “et tu” -even anything. While one cannot prepare for everything, certainly it is wise to prepare for some.

et Tu, Rose? Really?!

I remind myself. It’s why I offered the pre-work that I had done so we know or at least can easily recall who we are during times when its difficult to remember. At the beginning of Challenge Part 1: Finish a Project, I wrote in the reminder to return to the basics as needed and to be prepared for the challenge that lie ahead:

“…time to start back digging and questioning… (because whatever) you discover behind closet door n, that’s the jugular you can expect to be… a target, during this process. If that scares you, you have pulse, and this is where your judgement comes in–knowing when to adjust

Get Off the Wall, Rose

wallflowers growing on a wall. Penny Woodward 2013

You are not a wallflower, you’re a rose “who learned to walk with no feet” for goodness sakes. Be encouraged: you have accomplished before, and it worked, Love. It was hard the first time; it had not been done before. You know that works, so start there, and build on it. Why are you standing on the wall, Rose? Do you remember from where you’ve grown?

In the planning stages, not retrospective, is the time to consider “et tu” moments of discouragement and possible derailment. Careful planning should not become procrastination, so it won’t be perfect. But at least it can absorb some shock. When the venom of personal fears have been identified, we can find their anti-venom. And if not or it’s a little bigger than you could have, build on those solid basics.    -love meka

…it’s growing in the street right up through the concrete but soft and sweet and

Dreaming. There is a rose in Spanish Harlem- a red rose. A red rose up in Spanish Harlem

With eyes as black as coal that looks down in my soul and starts a fire

There and I lose control. I have to beg your pardon.I’m going to pick that rose -Ben E. King, Spanish Harlem, 1960

Ben E. King, Spanish Harlem (lyrics excerpt)
Retrospective for today’s DP Challenge


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    • Thank you Juno for reading it complementing the coolness of my new pic. Ha! It’s kind of a funny story I might share one day. I like yours too!

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