Featured: It Is What It Is

Loving this. The author writes how a commonly used phrase, “It is what it is”, isn’t always how it really is.


I’ve heard  that phrase a few times, and owing to fact that I have tendonitis in my right hand and cannot write,( Ok then why am I writing this but more of that later ), I thought I’d Witter on about it for a few lines until a shooting pain up my right arm suggests I stop for a really decent helping of self-pity and some medicine,

Before that awful event let me try to continue. In my opinion, largely flawed, under informed and capable of being side tracked by the sight of my favourite foodstuffs, very little is as it is. Ok, for the  moment, if it rains it rains until, come the day, the wealthy among us will be able to turn on the , ‘Brilgoscope’ and move that inconvenient thunderstorm off our decking area and right over the garden of that irritatingly well dressed and opinionated Mrs Brightsmile so that I can get on with…

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