New Music Artist Poetry Challenge – Schooled

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New Music, Artist, Poetry, Challenge – Schooled 

This one is called “Schooled”. It’s Back-to-School time for kids down here. With just few days of Summer winding down and the school year beginning, the teachers will have their hands full in just a couple more weeks, but for now, the kids still run this town. And that energy is what I wanna see so…

Show Me:

  • Beauty in the Basics
  • Brand New
  • Powerful Youth

    picture of ellesmere port specialist school of...

    picture of ellesmere port specialist school of performing arts schoolbus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Education (any interpretation)
  • School Bus Yellow
  • Primary Colors
  • Young Nerds and/or Geeks

Here’s your chance to get in on a  Challenge from the beginning, and this is my favorite one! See the Background info at the end of this post. But this is the New Artist Challenge where you help us discover new music, poetry, and art. I’m ready to hear and review something new. This time, there’s no caveat, I will write a review of at least one and possibly scale that number as needed. I understand that some  don’t like starting in the middle and catching up, so this is great opportunity for you too. Let’s find and review the next great music.

There are several important changes as a result of accommodations to accept all types of artists- including tasteful art rated above R or Explicit.

How to Submit for Review?

Please read these instructions carefully,

1.  Music Artists, Artists (Paint, Photo, etc., if it’s yours and can be uploaded or linked, we can vote on it)
*Submit a link to your music and/or art to one of the following:

  • If you can rate it up to PG 13, here are your options to choose submit one of these new pages:   Option 1)  Love Mekanism Project Google Page  OR
  • Option 2) If it’s R or Above or includes Nudity, use Love Mekanism Project Community (It’s brand new and Private, so follow here, and you will be added to the Love Mekanism Community Page. For a faster add, also send me your email address). If you have not been added, wave a flag by commenting here, and let me know. If you are added on accident, let me know.

2.  Poets, Writers, Bloggers: Find a new artist, that you love follow these steps:

  1. Write a poem (or similar),  or pick a song or art to write about that actually that means something to you– even if it is your own. (give yourself personal growth points for trying a new genre).
  2. *Please reply to this post, and tell us about it. Be forewarned, It IS more challenging than it seems. I believe in  ya!  (unless it has nude images, then follow here so you can post those in the private community)
  3. Please only 2 songs max per entry. I loooove it, so I know it’s hard to narrow down
  4. Then, talk about it! How is it different? In which genre? Whyyyy? etc.

Poet 1967

3.  Bloggers, If you are interested in Writing a Review or Judging Art with Me, Rotating some museum style, hosting a corresponding online gallery, or event etc. to help bring awareness to how we can encourage and support new artists. Let me know- comment, email, or any social message is fine for this correspondence. I have set up a private community, and it is now empty, so if you are very new and shy this could work for you too. If you are submitting an artist or your own work, don’t forget to also read # 2 above for submitting instructions.

Please remember that this is not a contest but a personal challenge, and you are always invited to follow along. I hope you enjoy it.

Quoting Myself: It’s way too easy to forget that we, the listeners, hold the cards, cut, and deal ‘em. The popular music landscape tends to reflect our current collective desires to escape reality. Is there anything wrong with that? I doubt it. The continued success of Alicia Keys and the emergence of Kendrick Lamar have inspired a slow trickle of more meaningful songs. This shows us that no one– not the artists or their corporate support or independent investors are immune to the support and the will of the consumer. Much of what we love doesn’t get the support it needs because many of us don’t know how or don’t believe our little contribution counts, but it does to them and to us over time.

Spotlight on The National

Then, how to support your new fav artist? As they ask, and here are a few basic tips to start you off!

  • Yes of course buy originals and prints when you can, and download music and eBooks, get tickets legitimately, but when listening free, or admiring a work at no charge, try doing it using ad-enabled outlets like traditional and online radio, request their songs sometimes, share the work with someone who can afford it if you can’t.

  • Watch the official videos on YouTube, Subscribing, Sharing as instructed by the artist, and following on other social media are all ways to support.

  • Support is ALWAYS appreciated.Where to start? Well find out who’s playing in your town; find the local arts council, download an online radio app on your phone and search for channels. I personally enjoy and support Real Talk Radio’s Spreaker station’s Fresh Friday Show – search for its show called “Fresh Friday” for new Hip-Hop, but I’m a old-school hip-hop head; there are other online stations there. Create a Pandora station for the artist or genre you would like to try. Enjoy the challenge!

Background Info

New to Love Mekanism Project? Start Here

The original New Artist Challenge was the very first post when I reviewed Music, and MkButafly won the second one with her music pick, but we haven’t done one since the Independence Day New Artist Free Verse Challenge and the winner was Oh! Who could get that!!  New Artist Challenge.
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