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Good evening!

Lovers of Interact know that it is going on right now! So c’mon in, grab a sweet tea, and catch up with me! I’m live-writing so don’t forget to refresh to follow updates. New to Love Mekanism Project? Start Here

A glass of sweet tea

A glass of sweet tea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanks @esswhydeeblog for favoriting Interact on Twitter (@lovemekanism ) lol it kinda scared me ’cause that never happened. But thank you for joining that way. Thank you Paula Jones for following Interact on Facebook. Btw.

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Speaking of twitter. I wrote a poem just for twitter and just before lunch. Maybe I should share it. Having shared the first poem here, the first Haiku here, and, I felt the need to share my first twitter poem too. Enjoy!

Cake by @lovemekanism

“Unhealthy. Every hydrocarbon of my being draws close so I might have each single touch of u but I crave more. Harder. I transform”

Agenda Item 1. Question:

I just wrote this Poem 12 called “Look” I’m not even sure why I wrote it; I’m about to edit it. Ok, I’m sure. It’s just that I believe “balance” is important. We cannot ignore completely what’s going on around us.

I’ve written before about how and why I don’t watch news. It feels reactive. But the last thing I saw on a news page was literally a story where a little boy shot a random infant in the face. I thought to myself how I cannot imagine that happening, and I know it doesn’t because I had never heard of it before, but I felt so repulsed by it that I would rather not judge the world based on what I saw on the news that day. What you feed self will be what comes out, so then the challenge became: if I will ingest this, I will ingest as much positive, but I never got back around to the negative stuff 🙂

– For more of this discussion, I will continue a portion of it here

Quoting Myself-

Lauren Sapala,

“I’m pleased to announce that I’ve moved this blog to:

I’m really excited about the move and I hope I can take all of you with me!

Please follow me there and join me for today’s newest post.”


“Of course! You’re a fav and I ❤ the new digs”

Yeah….I’m aware that this isn’t a great quote from me, but it is from her because she’s excited. I think I’m getting better as a creative writer. I normally try to be generous and thoughtful with my comments. What do you think? 🙂 This wasn’t one of those times. I wanted to share this because Lauren was the first blogger I spoke to here. I had written the first Challenge because I had just written an article I wanted to link to hers. She is generous with her knowledge. Please follow her blog if you are a writer, wannabe, or just would like a good reminder of the basics every once in a while. I’m following! The link’s above. That never gets old. If that’s the right word, but there are always other things I’d rather say liiiike today. Lauren was the first person I reached out to- I found her post by the lovely Ghandi image I have shared, and she was so helpful.

This brings me to what’s new here. If you are new here, Start Here, Otherwise, meet me in the Comments section for what’s new


Please feel free to ask any questions anytime by posting here. Catch up on your reading. Tell me how you’re progressing with your personally Challenges. Whatever!

1. Question:

How do you feel about getting involved in controversial issues. Are you afraid of that? Do you feel it dilutes your message? Powerless to do anything about it? Let me know?

What are you working on?

2. Last Weeks Picks Highlighted ❤ They really were bomb!

Personal Challenge updates. via new Post

Quoting Myself

3. Site Changes. via comments here

4. Art Challenge. via comments here


2 comments on “Interact With Me at 9 pm

  1. 3. Site Changes. via comments here

    Main menu:
    1. “Challenges” button that showed all the Challenge posts was finally replaced by a button called
    “New! Info for Challenges” you can’t miss it! lol and the posts are underneath that and revealed when you hover over it.

    2. Follow on Google+ / Add to Circles – I recommend this whether you will participate in the New Artist Challenge, which I highly recommend– Or in the future. It’s usage is explained in the New info Challenges button.

    – Under this is the Community (Private) that is empty now. It is available to use if you are shy and want to limit the audience for your art, if you are a musician and have very explicit lyrics or an artist whose are has some ‘tasteful’ nudity. By that, I mean– not vulgar for nothing. I don’t know if anyone will use it for that, but it is available. You must be added, see details in the Challenge info.

    – I Love Mekanism Blog – More- Is basically more information about the posts here- deleted paragraphs or additional information that wasn’t included in the art, something I wrote about that could use some clarity. It’s less a journey or art blog and more of just me talkin’. If you’re interested, that’s how you get there.

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