Poem 12: Something. Look. Say.


Freshly plastered imprints of fist-prints on a wall

A grown child grips her tattered book, while

Split lips mouth a prayer she memorized from it

Brown hair even looks just like her mother’s- perfect

For concealing a belt buckle cut- from neck

To shoulder, but she knows to cover her face

Unbeknownst they showed her long ago

“I was a bastard”. He says as he knelt;

Open hands toward her neck…clasped her

New gold crucifix; it’s just above her covered chest


Cold eyes warm as he hugs her– tells her he loves

Her. Through melted eyes, he looked just like…

When he took her hand to hold and adorned it

With gold from fingertips to her sliced wrists

As her sadness evaporates in a child- like bliss

This…is a sign…her sins…the devil did. She sniffled and

Defended: Wives and children obey, so she won’t say. With

Pain upon her, she honors them; her heart says grim choices

Are pipe or hose, so unable to lower its voices, she supposed

That …at least now she knows she’ll feel good at night

The moment he pulls her tight-ly after he “loves” her

She sees peace in his vulnerability. A sight…


They said of how gold twinkled against her robe- nothing

Of the bandage holding her broken nose

Now covered in the blood of a pregnant mother

A shiny never-ending ring of worse after better…No “or”

Her own brother breaks bread like no stitches hold her head

Where fists ripped apart her flesh. Nice kitchen. Nice car- nothing

Of the scars from when he used that car to drag her

Wasn’t as bad as he saw of their mother; he inter…

Feared last time, so he’ll just say…nothing

I began to think I’d never finish this poem, and in minutes, it is. Thank you so much for reading. Share, “Like” it here, share, and don’t forget to follow and share!  🙂  -lovemeka



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