3 Things my 3 *PICKS* Reminded me about Getting Picked

3 Things My 3 *PICKS* Reminded Me About Getting Picked

As promised, these are my picks from last week. I did not have any picks this week because of the upcoming New Music Artist Poetry Challenge – Schooled. I will be reviewing works of art, music, and photos, so don’t forget to submit something. Here are my picks from last week and the reasons why if you didn’t find them in Interact last Sunday. As if sharing the love of their work weren’t enough, there was so much more to learn about “winning” or getting picked.

#1 Vintage Black Glamour Archives

A collection of photographs from a time so glamorously smooth you could drink it down. As you know, I wrote a poem called “Wailing for the Good Old Days“. May not be a fan of Jazz music, but the imagery was raucous. I could hear the band playing, horns wailing, and see people dancing- having a great time as I wrote it. When it was finished, all it needed was a picture. And I found these on National Public Radio’s website, which featured Nichelle Gainer’s Vintage Black Glamour. Photo after photo of one beautiful starlet after another sporting threads that would make any woman clamour.

It was the best thing I could’ve found at that time. Why? Shortly afterward, I found out that my great Aunt was in the hospital. She wasn’t well and hasn’t been. But I try not to remember her as she is now. I remember sitting at the foot of her vanity and watching her transform as opera and Mahalia Jackson filled the room; jazz seemed to ooze from her. I remember eating petit fours and baklava with her. Going with her to socialize and listen to friends and family tell stories of how fly she was back when… I lived with her at a difficult time, and no one could have had the impact she did. I see her storming out of her room with a handgun at the sound of the faintest noise–just wishin’ someone woooould be in her house lol. I enjoyed her just the way she was- glamorous. The life she described and her adventures in California were always so different from what I knew and heard– having spent so much time in a rural or pretty small-town setting. It all came back to me when I saw these photos- her stories. Although the work had been written by the time I found them, I owe that moment to Vintage Black Glamour Archives. So, I have followed it everywhere.

What did I recall? Sometimes it’s about timing and not about us. These photographs are as beautiful today as they have always been, and she has appreciated them for a while- sitting on them and waiting patiently for the day opportunity meets preparation. Sound familiar? 

Click the “More” button to get more lessons in ‘getting picked’ from #2 and #3 Picks by Shaping Your Life 101 and Retcon Poet 



# 2 Excerpt from the Black Book to Achieving Your Goals by Gabriel Lucatero of Shaping Your Life 101

This is related to my Challenge progress last week. It took me several days to get through this Excerpt. I was still at the same stage as the previous week then, but I have since moved on to the next. I was inspired by your art, by writing my thoughts, escaping into the lyrics of your music, and helped by reaching out to comfort others when I can. I’ve learned that it helps to get out of myself when I become so consumed. While, this book says a lot of what I surmised in my Challenge to Complete a Project, just reading the excerpt from Black Book to Achieving Your Goals kept my head in the game when I needed it. It was like having my own little internal “Amen Section”…preach. For that, I am grateful to the author. It was hard to narrow down the choices because there were so many beautiful and meaningful works of art. But hands-down, this ranked up there with any artwork I could have found.  The challenges and making them happen, help me maintain the machine that does the work. Otherwise, bottled up art can become useless. It was timely, and his work tends to do that. Check them out on his website.

What did I recall? Be consistent, and be yourself. Art is everywhere and every voice offers another important perspective. I will also remember this if ever I begin to draw comparisons. It’s important to maintain one’s voice, and bring your own perspective to the art. I am best at this voice. This too is a mechanism of love- understanding the value of one’s own talents.

Click the “More” button to see my favorite lesson in ‘getting picked’ from #3 Pick, Retcon Poet 

# 3 Retcon Poet: Halitosis

I had no idea what to expect when I saw the title, “Halitosis  It’s something that makes you want to get away, far away. But this recalls the last lesson: Be consistent. If you are, you’ll likely earn the benefit of the doubt and consideration for the complexities of your work. So, you’ll get at least one sentence. True to form, this poem snatches you right away, and you know that what you’re reading is great even though you may not get it all the first time around. But he offers a setting, a plot, score, multi-layered characters, all wrapped up in quadruple-layered duct tape that looks exactly like a sexy little bow. It’s interesting all the way through and lingers like sweat from the fragrance of work put in on this one. Before I selected this poem, I was immediately aware that I have already included Canadian poet, Nicholas Gagnier’s work on several lists of my favs and picks. I’m sure that he’ll grace many more in the future.

What did I recall? Never apologize for being successful. If you set out to be successful and you are, there is no one to appease. No one sets out to be terrible, but great. And we succeed because it’s personal. And don’t give up because we personally want it for no one or nothing but ourselves. We need it. It brings us joy, so the race is against ourselves alone. Never settle, and never look back. Kick ass and take names even if it hurts feelings unknowingly because if it does, it was never for them in the first place. We hurt when they don’t see our vision, but they don’t have our eyes.

Thank you all for the reminders!

And Love, thank you for reading. Check these guys out. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed writing them. If so, please “like” it here, share, and don’t forget to follow! -lovemeka


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