Show Your Stuff

I know for sure that I’m at least as awe-struck by the talents people hide away, as they are by mine. Artistic expression of many types are now casualties as we’ve come to value what’s most profitable- quantifiable, measurable in the short-term. Well how valuable is sanity? Love? or Life? All undeniably value-able to us and difficult, if not impossible to accurately measure. What a foolish thing to have ever believed such. Yet there’s an undeniable and equally deranged beauty that lies in our respect for this freedom of ignorance. Knowing this, why then have we so readily cast our gifts aside as if its only benefits are directly related to profit (…and usually someone else’s, but I undress)? Sing, dance, show your stuff, my Love, so you feel free and the world might see its value beyond money.

If there are enough in our Google Circles to invite to Google Hangout tomorrow night to cap off our Challenge (if you are following with me or submitting), I will rotate as needed. And you can show your stuff there. If not, gosh darn-it *snaps haha! Hey, I’m working on that… 🙂

New Music Artist Poetry Challenge – Schooled.


2 comments on “Show Your Stuff

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