Aus-oooome Lovin’ …and on to the Next

Tiiiiiide Honey!! I finally finished the Challenge, and it was the most fun. I have already picked one to review, and I will continue reviewing all received by the deadline for possible others.


It’s true that practice makes…. well, not too shabby because this was awesome, Honey! I happened upon some cool stuff and was given others. This time I even engaged some of y’all, and I’m proud for that ( I. would. have. Neeeever *fanning). I accepted a couple of inbox submissions, and that used to make me nervous – that and Facebook “Pokes” O_o Lol… no I was honored and proud for them too. And ya know what? They were pretty good too! Speaking of honor…

Loooved being Nominated

Loooved being Nominated

Versatile Blogger Award

Check out the Aus-oooooome greeting on the About page from new mate of the Project, Whimsical Eclecticist nominating Love Mekanism for the Versatile Blogger Award. Whimsical Eclectist is a witty yet inviting blog, and he pulls off the delicate balance charmingly. Thank you so much, Honey for the nod. He’s the cutest lil’ thing (if I were a bona fide cougar cub, I wouldn’t let slip that he says he’s single too… ladies 😉 Ha!


Love, you have been smiled upon tonight for not having to hear that Coastal Alabamian – Australian remix in a Google Hangout. It will be rescheduled, since 1 and 8 possibles is an un-playable hand; perhaps in the future, this will be something we could all get excited about but for now… not so much, right?

Side-note about Following Love Mekanism Project

If you also follow on facebook and G+ please not these and use these to follow on facebook at and G+ tag +Love Mekanism Project at Google and you will need to add to circles 🙂


One comment on “Aus-oooome Lovin’ …and on to the Next

  1. Firstly, you do NOT need practice, because you are already ‘not too shabby’. You deserve a boatload of blogger awards! 🙂

    Also, thanks very much, you are far too kind to me. It was my pleasure giving you the award nod, you are beyond deserving! And I’m blushing a little at the cute comment. haha. Thank you again for the sweet compliments.

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