Interact with Me 9:30 CST

Don’t forget to refresh  to see the Live updates. I cannot believe that I forgot to post the Chat earlier.What are y’all doing? I just wrote my third piece of fiction! Check it out. New to Love Mekanism Project? Start Here

About the New Decorum Here

Take a click around. I know that this was a sudden change, but I got tired of not being able to find posts. Hopefully this will help because there are a looot more than I thought. Seems like just yesterday, I posted a celebration of 50 of them! But now there are upwards of 70. Some of them are by others. So far so fine, but it requires a lot more pics. I’m not a big pic person, and I don’t have any professional ones, so be kind.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • “Featured”: This thing calls all the posts across the top, “Featured”. On this blog, I’ve been calling Reblogs and Guest Posts “Featured” because I didn’t know what else to call them, but until I can change them all, unless otherwise specified, I wrote them.
  • Pics

  • Handy thing to be able to feature so many posts since they are all so many of them and they are pretty different
  1. The downside is that it must have an accompanying image. It may appear that you are being inundated by photos and my drawings. I have not had the chance to go through all the images I selected so they can be featured up-top, so
  2. If there’s anything offensive in the images that I’m not aware of, please let me know and not embarrass myself haha!
  3. #1 Actually…. a) Just because there are more photos, please do not embarrass yourself by thinking that just because there are more photos, they are here to turn you on…they are not. *whispering* that’s for the new people. b) They are NOT art; if there’s a place to comment, please don’t comment about my photos. I’m not a model- models are professionals who can actually take really good photos, I don’t; that’s uncomfortable for me right now. c) I don’t have a lot of pics so I’m using what I have; this too is a part of my own personal growth process to not internalize how others might feel about the way I look. No, I don’t have low self-image issues, it’s just a non-issue for me. d) Please don’t be embarrassed and puhleeease don’t get all weird on me

A Little Respect Please (Cite Source, Link, Shout me out or something)

I’ve mentioned a little about my career before, and I will offer more in the future whenever applicable, but mine has been a life of making a living using my talents to try and to help others to the best my ability, and I poured all into that until there was nothing left to pour, so why am I bringing it up now?

  1. Primarily because that makes me completely comfortable asking that you please give me a little credit for my own creative work, citing the source, and/or linking it… a shout-out or something?
  2. But also because I don’t give out advice, so a bit of context might be useful if it’s being used in that way
  3. In no way am I advocating that what I’m doing is universally applicable– read not for everyone. I have drafts on here and have changed semantics of my positions before; they might wanna know that lol.
  4. There are many crazy factors and events that pressed this course into my spirit, and if you feel that some of them will help you- maybe it’s for you. The universe is like that, so that’s fine too, but if my situation had been any simpler, I like would have likely chosen a simpler way than doing all of this. Hold onto that nugget in case I ever try to sell you something different lol- the struggle is real, they say ha!

I’m not naive enough to think that some wouldn’t do this blatantly and not think anything else about it, and that’s their business, but for those who don’t mean any harm and just aren’t clear how I would feel about it, this is how I feel. I absolutely love to hear my words read and quoted. I cannot tell you how much. No one knows what another has to deal with, so I’m not asking that you understand all that- just credit for my own work- not asking for the world.  If something went wrong, people would be crashing the site trying to blame me lol… aww well…

Like Meka!!! 

They say that mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery, and Lord hammercy I am flattered because I’m floored that anyone would be  paying attention, so I hafta double-take sometimes, but this song from when I was a kid “Like Mike” in the old Michael Jordan Gatorade commercial,  pops in my head and puts me in a good mood

Like Mek… If I can be like Mek… I wanna be I wanna be like Meeek… bom bom ba bom bom bom!! Since the ’90s! What?! 🙂

Challenge Update: to Finish a Project

Y’all this one is coming so close to being finished (both– remember I had to make them simultaneous O_O I’m kinda getting nervous– no petrified! Like wood.) I have good reasons to freak-out, but I have to gather myself to keep on going- knowing that I’ve done enough of these that I know in the end, I will wonder why I was so nervous in the first place. It’s terrifying. I always get like this, and I feel great afterward. I used to feel freaky about feeling that way until Jacqueline Kuykendall shared a video clip where Jay-Z was talking about his anxiety over doing the video he and Beyonce did…. lmbo at the split second mental comparison of my challenge video with the one he and Beyonce did Bwhaahahahahahaha!!! But you know what I’m trying to say lol. He can stand in front of 10’s of 1000’s – done soo many videos but still gets nervous for a camera crew 🙂

When he said it, I thought…. yeeeah…. like that!

That brings me to the Next Challenge: Tell you soon!


I still don’t follow, but I did catch about twitter  via twitter that they had some issues about abusive behavior toward women. I’m still really new on social media. So far so fine, but don’t take for granted that I know everything. If you know I’m walking for a trap or something, feel free to shoot me an email. I’ll add a form below or leave a comment.

Interact Invitations:

Lovers of Interact know that it is time for Interact with Me, Meka- on Sundays 9ish PM CST give or take on Sundays.

As early as two weeks ago, I sent Facebook invitations and reminders to each individual person. Just because I won’t be doing that anymore doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your presence and support because I really, really do.  That’s why you will find a tentative schedule on the right on your computer or down at the bottom of your phone if you’re following on a mobile app. But now I have posted a schedule, and Interact is usually a popular post for several days, so I think that those who are interested and can be here sharing a creative time, That’s amazing, but I am just as happy if you are off creating or spending the last moments with your family. I’m also mindful of the time differences, but you can count on my being here unless otherwise specified.

My Picks:

As promised, I don’t have any picks this week because I’m still reviewing art, music from the last challenge. But next week, I will have more than the usual

3 *PICKS* and as always I will be finding new and creative ways to embarrass the hell outta all the those I ❤ 🙂 sorry. Y’all are the best. 

New Artist Challenge:

This week, we had the new Artist Challenge. I really don’t have a winner, since no one really followed the submission instructions. I have to go find all the old messages, but I’m a woman of my word, so I will write a review. I actually picked an album- believe it or not, and it’s really good. But I’m having a hard time picking a track from it.

Join me next Sunday for Interact!

Open/ Unedited


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