Let it Go to Your Head

You’re perfectly beautiful to me.


You’re already a queen.

Before you could walk, your crawl

Stood tall and your eyes

walked a man like a dog

The earth resolved

to turn and revolve

The bright shiny light you brought

But since you don’t know yet

Take my love build with it


When you truly love you

A pinch as much as I do

Let it all go to your head

Fill buckets and cups

With however much

You could never

Ever use it all up

I’ve stored it in bulk

Like others in my club

since you were a cub

In my head.

From a brink I’d think

of all you now bring and

Compose myself new songs to sing

Now an angelic chorus is your

Pillow cloud performance

While you rest,

Let it go your head

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3 comments on “Let it Go to Your Head

    • 😀 Thank you. No, you didn’t mention it, wow. Now I feel the need to offer something not previously mentioned. My cheeks hurt because I’m smiling so hard right now! I’m really glad you liked it. I’m posting an unfinished series entry now. Then bed-time, so don’t look at that one yet

      • My pleasure! I’ve really been enjoying your blog. 😀
        Haha, okay, I’ll try to refrain from sneaking a peek! Looking forward to seeing it though!

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