Nerd Words: Literal Arts

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That’s a post-secondary area of study, right? The study of trying to find a job with it -ology? Noooo. I literally don’t feel that way. Every egghead, non-prescription-spectacle-wearin’-geek-wanna-be-with-a-mouse, or nerd-stalkin’-senior-year-opportunist who has accidentally glanced at a ripped note BEFORE crushing it into enough saliva to make a “spitball” with enough density to propel it at the angle available using the perfect air pressure to reach the velocity required to adhere it to the classroom CEILING…. Knows:

1) A relationship between cause and effect… Pick a book- any book

2) If you found the variables and determined the physics of such a launch back in “spit ball days”, chances are… those notes were not good-lookin’ anyway but I undress*! Left-handed^5!  🙂 But not literally I kid ya ’cause I love ya, Honey! Now you know this:

Today’s Nerd Word:

LITERAL!!! *crickets chirping*…You know? Like…

“Literal” adj. Involving the ordinary or usual meaning of a word true and accurate- not exaggerated 

Literally? -_-

A Facebook Friend posted about the pressure from ‘coming of age’ days to interpret music literally. Oh how that brought a rush of memories back to me. Specifically, one of my least proud moments when my silly friends and I got in trouble, for trying to be the fourth members of TLC.

“My son’s teacher expressed that when he did < > she felt like it was a “slap in the face” because she had worked so hard…. Well, my son was almost in tears and looked at me and said, I DID NOT SLAP HER IN THE FACE!!! ( my son is 14, btw….)” Anonymous, Asperger’s Children and Literal Thinking

I am not proud and didn’t have enough sense to beg not to take part. Sure, the young women of TLC had a positive message back then, but let’s just say that the literal interpretation of their art wasn’t practical for mimicry by girls attending an institution of middle school education. These things are hard to explain without considering the fact of our literally undeveloped minds. The “ornaments” used to adorn ourselves held absolutely no value beyond fashion in my young mind at the time. I get a small comfort from knowing I don’t know what I was thinking. It was all planned out; someone gave them to us per request, and our dumbass put them on our oversized clothing- advocating for their passionate cause of the moment. Ahhhh kids!! So literal.

What’s that Worth?

Literally appreciating but not literally interpreting arts can be as a powerful as a lifeline. Conversely,  lack of this skill has proven destructive (LMGTFY) in young people, but it doesn’t seem to be a valuable skill to adults either. Opting to become more afraid of it instead of gaining an understanding that could allow us to be more pro-active. When respected careers and the most popular personalities are those who exploit, paper-chasers, and the ‘look at me…I’m indifferent’ (eh..hmm…depressed). Creating is what people do… it is valuable. As a country of few exports, one of the greatest is art– from movies to the famous beautiful interface and hardware designs. This environment is still conducive for creating stuff; that is valuable. It teaches you to use what you have.

Memes of who’s the most “ratchet”, voyeurism of the worst human behavior we can find to collect and drain the most creative energy without acknowledging the indications of the universal shock and repulsion of so many individuals. Harassing and degrading other human beings who are hurting nothing but a bully’s ability to mind his or her own business and create something- anything other than…well nothing. While it’s good for sh-iggles, I cannot imagine how a lazily researched and likely misattributed MeanMe is nearly as valuable.

One who thinks that love begets selfishness, fear, and egocentric behavior– has no clue about love….. Literally -lovemeka



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