First Date: Poem 14

I know she feels this way too. I’m GQ today
But her Allure… “Waiter, 2 more? ” I’m
Wondering how many drinks it takes
To knock these plates off the table

And…smear off her makeup
Let me grab this drink in my cup
while I adjust
Before I pull her weave over here to me
Don’t want to seem “thirsty” but I need
To pump my brakes…coolant, engine, exhaust, intake…
“Waiter, after this… 2 more drinks”

I reached my two-drink limit of two years, two drinks ago
And all was fantastic ’til the
massage of his lips as they kissed
the backside of my……
Hand, summoned the sexy woman
inside who longed for that new desire
Once more in a moment she could disown
responsibility for
I tried leaving but Captain Obvious reminds me it’s
Slippery when wet. All signs tell me
This is happening
But we just met
so I meditate to forget it

Wednesday service. Danger lurking.
I should be nervous
about this volume of liquid
I’d be remised to attend it
pulled back my wrist
to taste this drink
and dry inconspicuously simultaneously
cause obviously a non-accidental two-body collision’s awaiting…
I’m radiating heat to the fire chief across from me and still melting

I hoped but prepared for a polite
Gentleman’s goodbye up until I…came
to my sense and these hands
Wrapped her neck under her chin
And my tongue rapidly descended
deeply into passionate kissing
…And sucking
The other pulls her to me-pulsating
Alternating pressing
into her harder-pulling and kissing
I picked her up but nothing brings
her close enough to me satisfy our need to….


Stuck… and I cant stop thinking
Just consumed by his fire
Renewed forgotten desires
to be desired, sexy, and needed
energy leaping from his mouth to me
While his hands cradle my head
calling me to lay pride in his bed
And invite him inside. Why…
It. Feels. So. Right.

But this well intentioned lie is identified
Even after four drinks. Nothing hides
how first date sex hardly survives
scrutiny in the story… time
Or the value coded in an adult man’s
Mind, by his mother, in development
To repeatedly return with every
question in the relationship
or basically 3-month-cyclical moral trip
Nirvana plays a sign to Nevermind it

Is “Nevermind” a drink?
I should ask her that $h!t
She’s keeps laughing and touching
…You know you want this….

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