New Video Challenge to Discuss My Creative Writings

“Right now…I’m really helping authors do what they need to do to be in charge of their careers.”
-Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Latest Challenge Details:

1. Write or choose one or however many fiction pieces

2. Talk about it on a video using an outline based on the Question/Answer session on the video. I loved her “quick        tips”! She’s really good! Watch her in the Video Below or on her website here

♥ Carolyn’s Quick tips: “1) learn all you can  2) speak or teach to develop your speaking skills”

3. Practice using Youtube, Instagram, or Vine, and I could opt to share those on this post, so bookmark and                    follow along here if you would like to also post practices here or offer feedback

4. Post the final video on this post on August 25, 2013 during Interact with Me

Note: Pressed this article on Rejection from Rachel Stanford’s neat blog that I found today 8/17/13 might be nice to revisit later

About the Challenge

Watch Rey Ybarra Speaks to Carolyn Howard-Johnson in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at
I found an article on a blog at Carolyn Howard-Johnson's Sharing with Writers blog that I follow on Google+Sooooo.... Who is Carolyn Howard-Johnson? And what of the soundness of her advice? Well...

  • She was an instructor for nearly a decade at the renowned UCLA Extension Writers’ Program
  • Instructor for nearly a decade at the renowned UCLA Extension Writers’ Program
  • Author of the multi award-winning series of
  • HowToDoItFrugally books including the second edition honored by USA BOOK NEWS

That’s What?! 🙂

Yeah. MMMhmmm… among the great advice on the video was to get comfortable talking about the work. That clearly stood out to me because of what I have been working on and my clear discomfort with talking about my work. Here’s what I know…. that practice makes– better than I was before

Please help me thank her for sharing all she does by checking out her website using the link in the paragraph above. She offers lots of great info. Writers like her and also Lauren Sapala, who was gracious enough to allow a link to her blog on the first Challenge with you, are very inspiring to me as they are very generous with their knowledge. Find more information about Sharon at:

Here’s her newsletter; she will feature her Very Inspiring award:

Click the “More” for the links to all of Carol’s blog

The Frugal Book Promoter:

Web site:


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