Poem 23: If My Love Were Your Drug

For all my lovelies in love! Have and make enough for me ❤

A story of contact, your eyes would concoct

As they widen til bloodshot

No faking when

Your pupils dilate to take me all in

We’d chop up deep conversation

You’d breathe me closer


Radiate heat from your pulse or


Longing, wanting stares would keep me warm

As chilly hairs make tracks up your arms

A hit of love winning…by TKO

Makes “pinned against rope”

Sound so dope

If my love were your drug

It would be a…

One supplier monopoly

One unduplicable first hit

That keeps getting more potent

By the uptake- just crazy

No warnings; take your chances

Indescribable “damn-it’s-good”


Just irreparable damaged goods

If my love were your drug

Getting high on my own supply; I’d do

And my connect

Would be you

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10 comments on “Poem 23: If My Love Were Your Drug

    • Thank you Jalal and you are most welcome. I love that you chose “ocean waves”. I deeply admire the beauty and roaring calm the ocean brings

  1. Absolutely wow. I really enjoy your poetry 🙂 You seem to capture the highs and lows of the emotion perfectly with your drug metaphor. Thank you for this post 🙂

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