Poem 25: Relapsing

311 days

Creeping by

Crave, shake, deny, cry

But numbers never lie

Need threatens sanity

A serenity-bound sleeve

Heat once flowed to me

‘Til you snatched my heart beat

Made a cold b**h in heat

You could relieve.

So I’m recounting fingers

That don’t add up

They wag and linger each month between us

And they don’t get any closer

Even as we get older

Nights don’t grow longer

They only get colder

Only God knows of a

Future between lovers

Nothing is ever promised

But f**k it I could care less cause

Love isn’t a song.

It’s life, and I’m grown

I’m relapsing

Absent it

I’m hopelessly collapsing in

Your uncontrolled substance

Choking. I can’t breathe

Wisdom can’t explain to me

The difference between misery

On or off the wagon

What ifs…. are questions I’m done asking

Let me

Make these Irrational intentions to

Pre-empt intervention

Consequences of decisions

I accept these with passion


I can take a little pain

I’m relapsing

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