Beaming from Another Sunshine Award

Bathing in the Sunshine

I’m beaming after receiving the Sunshine Award again. Thank you too much EJ for the nod on one of the besticist blogs around– Whimsical Eclecticist.  He says it’s about nothing–oh but it is such sweet nothing, and I highly recommend you visit it very soon.

Here’s the skinny: I’m supposed to tell you 10 things about myself and then my fav part is that I get to shower award nominations on 10 blogs that bring the Sunshine. And if it weren’t for EJ’s questions, I’d be staring blindly at my screen as a rush of “random observations about myself” zoom through my mind while my mind’s arm desperately reaches to catch 10 of them while its other arm is struggling to hold the ones I’ve already caught! Dropping random observations like crumbs all over the blogosphere floor. Thanks to EJ of Whimsical Eclecticist, the floor stays clean another day, and my mind doesn’t need arms. In fact, the only thing I’m reaching for is to continue becoming a better person to tell you 10 things about.

Here are 10 things about me, Meka Love- if you choose to accept 😉

1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle and list the first 10 songs.

Ahhh you wouldn’t know ’em even if did I did use shuffle. I know this is a little strange, but I play exactly the song I’m in the mood for when I go for the music player, and those song choices are WILDLY differing. If I’m in no mood for a specific song, I’d choose a radio station and go with that. I deliberately listen to mostly new or independent artists’ music if I want to try something new. I find out about new art mostly from community recommendations, what others send to me, internet radio and their shows for new talent. Try it sometimes!

2. If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Would you take anyone with you?

Somewhere tucked away in the Himalayas! I have no idea who I would take. Ah! But I smile so big at the thought

3. What is your preferred writing instrument? (eg. Blue pen, pencil, green pen)

Pencil lead– mechanical although wood is always better. Hello! *snaps* I don’t have the focus to sharpen all the time. Wood requires too much maintenance. Mechanical doesn’t last long, so I have to keep having to buy refills (rather not). You know what I do? I just type everything; I’m terrible at sustained handwriting, so I do what works. Do you know how many keystrokes fingers have to make to wear out a keyboard?  Me neither my love; me neither.

4. Favorite month and why?

March….April?  Between! We really have only two seasons down here: hot and wet.  Stay with me now 🙂 Around that time– we have an “Easter snap” of cold weather. You might have an entire Winter where you live, but it’s just a *snap* for us– here and gone in an instant it seems. After that, I look forward to sunny weather, Easter, Spring Break, all while the “good-times smirk” is still on your face from Mardi Gras. Even some poor saps are getting married around then. The azaleas and other flora are in bloom. What’s not to love?!

5. Name 3 items you could pick up from where you are.

Big wooden paperweight shaped like an ampersand, shadow boxes, and a reminder note that says “write.”

6. What is your desktop background currently?

The all-black screen that’s supposed to keep me from being distracted is all– except for a small pic in the middle of the desktop background that I can only see if I’m not working on anything. That small pic is a meme of Tamar Braxton with her sassy little attitude saying #YouTriedIt 🙂 I love a silly little nudge to keep me from trying to pull a fast one over on myself

7. What pets do you have? What are their names?

Awwww I don’t have any pets 😦  I look forward to the day I can adopt a loving loyal companion

8. Inspiration behind your blog title?

Love Mekanism Project

I dreamt it, and when I woke up, I sketched it out. If you look up at the header at the top of this page. That is it! I made it my blog title because that’s the origin of what I wanted to communicate. I understand that some folks will sexualize the title right away, and I’m ok with that! Art is whatever we need it to be at the time, but my interpretation is and was pretty straight forward. Love is everything to me and the title acknowledges my belief that the gateway to love starts within me as I think it really starts within every other person and radiates outward from there. Meka is my name! Of course, the suffix -ism just indicates a philosophy or school of thought, and I am a huge fan of thought.

I didn’t know what I was doing at the time or what I hoped to accomplish; I only had an “-ism” I needed to work on, and part of that was communicating it. For this reason and being a writer and coordinator of projects, it was only fitting that I call it one of them, a “Project”. And this blog was one of the its first challenges so it took on the same name, Love Mekanism.

Now, this blog (also called, is the Arts and Humanities blog / Community- where I create, highlight, and promote other art. I enjoy giving back inspiration here in the place where I found so much inspiration. So, it all comes from a place inside of me that is full of admiration and love that all started from first loving myself, Meka (flaws and all for where I am now on the way to becoming a better person everyday). Things are so different from then and it happens so quickly that I’ve learned to take advantage of other social media for quick updates and stuff.

If you remember or have been following long enough, I know you are smiling on me now. I feel that energy and thank you so much.

9. Favorite item of clothing?

Now that’s a good and interesting question because one challenge of this Project was to get rid of everything I didn’t absolutely love. I did it mostly by donating, but I sold a few of my things and upgraded to something I’d love even more. So, 6 months ago, it would’ve been easy for me to pick something awesome from a sea of duplicate clothing and crap I didn’t wear. Now I simply don’t have as many things. I know everything I have and exactly where to find it. I enjoy walking into my closet and being able to select anything knowing that I will always walk out with my favorite things. Still, one of these does bring me the most joy!

My pair of running shoes must be my favorite article of clothing.  Few activities make me feel more healthy and accomplished than running. Yes 😀 only “a” pair. I only wear sneakers for running or exercise, but the promise of another pair offers just enough incentive to run my pair into the ground.

10. Name at least one book you loved as a child.

I was really into Benji books as a child because that’s what my mom read them to me. I loved that dog. Must you keep reminding me that I don’t have a pet yet?

***Drum Roll***

And the moment… at least I’ve been waiting for is the chance to ‘shout out’ 10 blogs I’m really crushing on right now- other than of course, the aforementioned bloke 😉

  1. The Hook
  2. Verbal Catharsis
  3. Contemplating Love
  4. You Monsters Are People
  5. Frank Chimero
  6. David Emeron: Sonnets
  7. Brain Snorts
  8. Interesting Literature
  9. A Stairway to Fashion
  10. My Success is Your Success

Whew!! It was the hardest thing to pick just 10 blog crushes and winners of Sunshine! It was so difficult that I had to leave off the ones I shared this award with when it was one of my very first awards as well as so many other amazing artists. Thank you all so much for this challenge. I feel immensely blessed to find myself in the company you’ve invited me. You’re brilliant I tell ya! And I’m glad to have found you with this project.

You make bringing the Sunshine so easy, honey!



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2 comments on “Beaming from Another Sunshine Award

  1. Wow, that is all far too nice, Meka. Thank you! Sweet that you used my questions, also. I loved your answers. Keep up the amazing blogging! 😀

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