Poem 31: Decency to Lie

By Meka Love

With this ring I
Request permission to
Take you for granted and

Push til you can’t stand it
And scream it
Knee-deep in regret; get

Upset at the wrong things
When you can’t leave me under penalty
Of the law and God

Take this bling
As earnest money for
The sum total of your

Hopes and dreams
Besides me
To replace everything

Except your longing
For validation and belonging
It gleams

Brighter than our imperfections
Wedding photo edits are perfection
But some negatives are ever-lasting

Saying this wouldn’t be clever
We hope to fix each other
Before regretting

The promise of our love and life
And pray they become more than the
Decency to lie

After at least a week or two with these ideas– the verses finally showed up! I hope you enjoy them as I enjoyed my short time writing them.  Like, share, and don’t forget to follow Love Mekanism here and on twitter


25 comments on “Poem 31: Decency to Lie

  1. Wow. Very poignant! I love it, but of course it is written by you. I love all you write, Meka. Your way with words is simply stunning. I’m with you on the overall sentiment there, too. Nicely done! 🙂

  2. Very nice, but sad.
    Maybe someday we’ll all learn to do better
    Meanwhile thanks for the like on my site.
    I’m glad it brought me to visit you.

  3. I don’t know the story of why these ideas were floating around inside you, but I can tell you that you captured the pain and irony quite, quite well. What a great writing.

    • Thank you Lisa for reading 🙂 I’m glad you liked it. That is quite a story for another day- maybe in another format that I hope you will also enjoy

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