Reading of Poem 27- Southern Metropolis: A Love Story

After challenging myself on to satisfactorily read one of my poems, I finally read Southern Metropolis: A Love Story in a YouTube video. Much better than the first time I tried a similar challenge.

Southern Metropolis is a love story metaphor for artists in metropolitan areas or small towns who believe they must leave everything behind and move away to achieve their dreams for many reasons– perhaps the lack of local opportunities, possibly limited support in a divided community, or simply that arts may not be seen as an acceptable way to make a living there. It is part tragedy, part endearing, part “unsaid thing“, and all love and art. That’s still appealing story to me. I’m happy to have been able to write and share it- now read it to you.


It helped that today I’m inspired by a little princess I’m so proud to call my girl. She said that she didn’t want to sing in her little Christmas program earlier today. As we arrived, she was trying to back out of it. I haven’t “made her” in the past. But whatever I said, inspired her to carry on. I asked once more before she went on stage if she wanted to go through with it, and she told me that she wanted to do it. After a few steps, I carried her the rest of the way, and she met her friends on stage. I am so proud, and so was she. So much so that , she didn’t want to take off her “costume”, as she called it or stop singing her songs that evening. She only stopped singing and prancing to ask for a few more moments in her sparkly things. She did an amazing job on stage at her little school’s program with the other children (I’m allowed to be biased :)).

Certainly, now is the time to leave ProcrastiNation and heed what I told her about there being nothing to fear and about the reward of conquering them. Rest well my love.



8 comments on “Reading of Poem 27- Southern Metropolis: A Love Story

      • No..thank you!

        Honestly a large portion of the ‘poetry’ on wordpress is rhyme laden drivel.

        Your’s, on the other hand, flowed smoothly and beautifully. I sincerely enjoyed it.

        Considering talent like that is never a fluke, I’m looking forward to reading more of your creative work. =)

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