A Damn to Give New Beyoncé Album

Why should new and independent artists care about Beyoncé’s critically acclaimed surprise album?

If you’re an indie music nerd like me, maybe you cringed a little when you heard about a “mega-famous celebrity and a secret…” and braced for ensuing weirdness before turning away. Relieved to learn as you watched between the fingers covering your face, that it was just another Beyonce album.

Now, whether to release her latest work without fanfare was a clever marketing ploy or just uncertainty in a risk management exercise, is of little concern to many new independent or up-and-coming artists. For any number of reasons, she decided it was important to release her adventurous mash-up of genre-hoping musical styles, regardless of how it would be well-received. Which artist can’t relate to that?

I like Beyoncé as much as the next person. She is a beautiful hard-working artist whose talent is a national treasure– clearly deserving her success. And most of us really appreciate that idea. Still, I heard Beyonce’s name referenced alongside the words “cussin'” and “surprise, and instead of curiosity I was admittedly unmoved to relinquish a damn. Why? Well, same as you, it’s not exactly what I have been waiting for either. But it is here, and true-to-form, she does try (valiantly, I might add) to make it good, and history says it will only get better after the one millionth listen. More importantly, and for one bright shiny damn…

A new, larger audience will get to sample styles of music they may have never considered. And what about the up-and-comers or post-fame musicians who give their lives and talent to invent, introduce, and make a living advancing these styles of music with all the fanfare they can, only to feel ripped off by a mega-famous artist? at last? Well this damn is for you!

“Know that feeling slighted by the closed door is unproductive, that finding a way to open the door is more productive, but also that walking through the door someone has opened for you is beyond smart, it is genius.” -Meka Love

Does Beyoncé perfect every style she tries? Hell no. But it makes for some good entertainment, some steamy videos of her looking hot- dancing around having a good time trying them all. So if by now you simply cannot muster a damn to give about the Beyoncé show, take this bright shiny one to give. Let it serve as your ticket to sit back, relax, and enjoy, with a knowing sparkle in your eye, that it is all good for music.


Meka Love

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4 comments on “A Damn to Give New Beyoncé Album

  1. men have been sexualising women for so long, it’s unfair to put her down, maybe she is sending a message to all those who did nothing about it, for so long, amen

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