Poem 21: Part 2 – Second the One

2nd part of the series “Second the One” by Meka

Sell me the dream,” I think
Gazing intently atop my drink
Careful not miss his rendition of the familiar speech
These lips can sync it by heart and memory
Recalling files of familiar lines from the Top Shelf
Tipsy enough to amuse myself

But the muse, myself
Instead is listening attentively-
Admiring how seriously
He takes life but not himself

Makes punch-lines land smoothly
Amid run away laughter
Drowning out the sense to tell when it’s time to

Bid farewell to ourselves

His easy earnesty is different
I wonder at once, “Is this one, THE one?”
When he’s near, the room disappears-
Abandoning us to fade into each other

Suspended in hours like
Three seconds of forever
Whisked to our private dimension
Of clever banter and quips when

Smiling faces fade
Anchored by the weight
Of his eyes drawn into my lips so
Closely they strip all desire to ignore his

Love slightly outside my range of focus where the cold is
And where he warmly waves me to “Come, behold” it
In a moment of hesitation
I’m still frozen

Until energy begging the question
“Is he the one?”
Changes phase and direction
Motioning a move to second, and

…It’s To Be Continued Love!

How would you know if  “the one” is “the one” for you? If you’ve found “the one” for you, how did you know?

“Second the One” Part 1 was  the first in the series inspired by a question about what “the one” would be like when you meet. Follow on Twitter to watch for More On Poem 21 and it’s continued rants and other uncut stuff. Thank you ❤

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Poem 20: Part 1 – Second the One



11 comments on “Poem 21: Part 2 – Second the One

    • Thanks Chagall! I’m glad you like it. I usually edit live after the post to be sure I do, be sure to refresh to see the edits if you follow. Maybe I’ll post a version of the original draft in the uncut stuff; sometimes it’s more creative/interpretive 😉

      • Meka – I also edit post-Post, as I’m sure many folks do. I always question the correctness of doing this though – especially if the post already has likes, and if the edit changes the poem’s viewpoint. As a reader, I could potentially end up showing that I like something that fundamentally goes against my principles, based on the way the poet revises after my visit. An interesting topic maybe for broader discussion. —Chagall

      • Excellent point Chagall. the “More On…” article is usually for planned or heavily edited pieces like this one; usually my edits are for clarity or typos. Luckily, art is interpretive so it gets to be whatever we need it to be

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