Poem 32: All Night (Adult)

All Night

By Meka

All night?

From his lips and the call of smooth silk
Loosening his tie side-to-side to hear it
Quickly zip-line across the collar starched, crisp
Focused on button by button, unbuttoning each
Plus both brushed cufflinks, anticipating…

Alllll night

Say the clinks of wedged fingers unbuckling at the waist

Where knees hoisted high embrace, trusting.
Back crushing against the wall, thrusting
It all back to him wanting, needing…

All night.

Says the private invitation to get wasted in it
Impatient hips crash the velvet entrance
To the tightly cramped slick hot space trip in
Surround sound with 5-star
Free-flowing wet bar…

All night

If not for quickly deflated expectation
Leaving as contact vapors, suddenly, yet intoxication
Remains as he pleads forgiveness for the mess as
Heavy eyes collapse under caress
Released back into his body to sleep
All night

It has been a while since I have written anything as racy. So here’s little gift for you, Loves. Enjoy!


Meka Love


14 comments on “Poem 32: All Night (Adult)

  1. A fantastic poem as always, Meka! That is indeed much racier than the norm here. I love it!
    Happy New Year by the way! I hope it’s a wonderful one for you. 🙂

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