Feminist Papers 2: Illumi-Not Them

Situation Report: Illumi-Not Them

Their handy-work goes by society, the elite—decision-makers; the real players—the payers, the beyond pay—the eternity seekers. They have been described as the crabs in a barrel pulling them back as if that were the same thing as helping them escape if they wanted such. Keeping them that way ensures they pose no threat to their own success and the legacy for their like. They square the root of evil for power so it neither falls on their watch nor advances without their thumbprint. They are often called haters, card-holders, king-makers and deck-stackers– to sway beliefs and preferences—unsatisfied, they seek to better calculate and predict them- to stay aligned with their comforts, traditions, and desires. They were there first; they were born first; they thought of it first; they were slighted first; their pain and story are more important—any justification works.

There is an impending revolution against them, whether or not it is televised. They are determined to stand against them to account for their own actions. The fight will not be fair, but it will be just. They will grimace face-to-face in the heat of battle, enraged. In blind bravery, they will fight until the death for their freedom from those behind the curtain pulling the strings—letting chip by gruesome chip fall where it may. Alas, a charge will be forged against them noisily- perhaps with drums, horns, and passionate battle cries waving flags of fore-fathers.

In a thunderous crash, warriors will collide with a glass mirror image as it quickly tumbles before them. Only they remain standing, illuminated only by cutting shards of glass, that are the remnants of how they perceive their own image. Will they see that they are them and that they have been them all along, pulling or standing quietly as strings are tugged? Or will they continue to scout for the phantom enemy, afraid to charge the one within? Updates follow.


Love, thank you for enjoying this bit of fantasy. I couldn’t let another week pass without writing for you. I hope you enjoy this one from the Feminist Papers letter series. Like, share, and don’t forget to follow Love Mekanism Project on facebook!

❤ Meka Love

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