2 Poetry Picks to Inspire (Mira’s Prompt)

Our gifts aren’t only for making a living, they can also get us through life. That’s why I picked one new artist, and one professional as the two poems I picked to share with you. (1) The first is from Jus Biz in the first piece he has written in years, he at once got his mojo back and rediscovered this form of self-expression. (2) The second is from a writer- an up and coming rap artist and amazing story-teller, D Skyyy. Both were challenged to one of Mira’s prompts. Enjoy!

From Mira’s Prompt: It didn’t seem like much at the time…

***Pick 1***
Untitled by Jus Biz

It didnt seem like much at the time/ but this woman has slowly f–ked my mind/ And No I dont mean it in a negative kind of way/ but more in the sense of a 50 shades of Grey type way/ And our next encounter will be too hot for T.V./ Not even with Comcast On Demand will you see/ And No Im not talking pornography/ its more like mind f-ckingology. I never saw this happening in history, or my dreams as far as I can remember/ But this moment was silently growing in In October? November? or Maybe it was December/ But it didnt seem like much at the time/ I wish I would have seen it/ I wish time could rewind/ that whole time she mind f–ked me my Heart was too Blind.

***Pick 2***
Untitled by D Skyyy
Pres. and Founder Black Skyy Entertainment Studio

It didn’t seem that much at the time/
But at the age 18 I committed my first crime/
Its started like a love story, boy meets girl/
Boy tells girl she was beautiful and he’d give her the world/
We took a trip to New york/I was so in love with him/
We bought matching Yankees hats and matching Tims/
Now back home/
Valentine’s can around/
Bought some sexy lingerie/
Cuz I was going to attempt to put it down/see I had never had sex/ but my home girls gave me a sit down/
so I was ready/ and he was going to take me out/ told me meet him after work/ at his momma house/ so I did looking sexy and sweet/Mac lip gloss/ red pumps on my feet/ walk in looking at his momma smile/ she looking at some pictures saying “child he got his daddy’ s smile/ I looked at the pictures and it wasn’t my boo/ it was a 3months old baby/and yeah he was cute/so I played it off/ like I already knew/but I was pisst the hell off/ and didn’t know what to do/act like I was going to my car/but I drove my ass on/ I only think straight when I’m home alone/ he showed up to my house 30 mins after that/ it was either a pot or a baseball bat/can’t tell you the rest/just know at the time/ I didnt know I committed my first crime.


I hope you were as inspired as I was. Whether you’re a professional artist, a hobbyist, or just journaling, you can use art as healthy self-expression.

Prompt by up-and-coming author and dear friend of the Project, Mira K. Brady also called MKButafly. Follow on Facebook to be among the first to see Mira’s Writing Prompts.

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Meka Love



It meant the world when Mira tagged me to this see this photo of her wearing her Bella Romance Tee when she took her handsome son out to sea for whale watching. Now THAT’S how ya do it, Love 😀


2 comments on “2 Poetry Picks to Inspire (Mira’s Prompt)

  1. Good Morning 😏 I love the two picks as well as your first 2014😋 keep them coming😉


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