Poem 37 – Do I Make You Nervous?

Do I make you nervous?

Don’t be
I’m just a person

Do I make you mad?
I’ll need my oxygen back
I don’t feel safe
In suffocation

You don’t look well
Like you’d love me death
And then love me to hell

Do I make you nervous?

Not on purpose
Take a deep breath
Dive below the surface

See the superficial as worthless
Against the treasures beneath
These aren’t for the weak
Insecure or addictive personality

I don’t feel safe either, being
Picked from a list of specifications
You’re taking this “I’m wanting” stuff

Way too far

I’m a free-thinking human being
Not your dream car

Do I make you nervous?

I hope so…
For certain it’s
Certainly, not like me
To not be able to not think
I think…

Seriously, I can’t think
I’ll need one more drink
To ponder what I believe


Cause seee
What happened…The cat got
My tongue
While you filled my lungs
With infatuation
As your energy washes through me
Like ashes cleansing, forgetting

Making exception after exception

My heart with initials
Like kids wishing on trees


Or maybe
You just make me

I had to try on this style. Thank you for reading. Like, share, and don’t forget to follow ❤


Meka Love


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