A Year of Love Mekanism Project

What would I say if these were the last things I said? What would I eat if this were the last morsel I  feel on my tongue? Where would I go? What would I do? Who would…? With whom…?

Questions that seem the most dark to think of- especially when you have no reason to believe you don’t have time to figure out are all the ones thrust on me a bit over a month ago. I found that none of these are reflected here and that there’s no reason they shouldn’t.

At first…

The title Love Mekanism came to me in a dream. When I woke up, I scribbled it down. I loved it. It felt important somehow. Maybe because it seemed familiar even though I initially thought it might be misconstrued. Like Love Mekanism, I am often initially misconstrued. I spent the first moments trying to figure out what it means. The blog was supposed to house one article I challenged myself to share (not thinking anyone would read it.)  So many things have changed since then that it has meant different things to me these months. A year ago when I started this blog, who knew that Meka Love would have quite literally have a broken heart or Love Mekanism because I did not know

I kept writing because it was a game-changer. Suddenly it became a sexy thing to be smart and okay to talk about quirky and nerdy little things that make us individuals- like poetry and science. People were inspired to return to and be proud of their artistic abilities- whether it was a dream, a hobby, or a type of therapy. I tried to present different points to think about normal things we think we have figured out and tried to challenge things we were not supposed to talk about in my circles. More quickly than I imagined, the conversation did change to something I believed a little more meaningful like our commonalities and communicating those things using art as a common language- not without a bit of kick-back I might add. Whether or not I had anything to do with this shift is of no consequence to me- only that it occurred.

I don’t take for granted the poems, paintings, songs, and raps written for and about me or my likeness. Take what you’ve learned or have been inspired to do- no matter. I am still very humbled to think of those emails and messages about my blog’s impact on your life, whether you’re writing, drawing, or painting again or you have more courage to follow your dreams, or simply loving the heck outta you. The connection between our gifts and talents as tools to help us cope with life is real. AcceptImageing their value as beyond monetary- not a waste of time regardless of your level of technical talent. For buying the merch, visiting and following the sites, reading all my stuff for some reason and for all the kind blog awards 🙂 Thank you, Love ❤

Here and Now

I have posted here rarely as of late. Just less two months ago I selected a few community projects to lend my support: forged partnerships with local and up-and-coming charities, match-made and consulted, offered help, and lent my support to up-and-coming charities- especially to the community projects focused on bringing people back together, building with and supporting each other. I say go big or go home. Let’s get it done.LMLogo

After a time, I finally started using other social media with open pages as a challenge to myself to refuse to live in fear. I’m not very good at it yet. Although these are the fastest way to pass along micro-posts and get instant feedback or gauge interests using lovemekanism’s facebook page, twitter, and instagram, but here on the blog where it all began is still my first choice to share a complete thought. Devoted followers know that I have used this space for that the reason, to connect with actual- pending published works I recently thought would never see the light of day. Today, I am much more hopeful- yet more focused on my health while making making strides to carry out the plan to help bridge the communities of this beautiful world- starting here and now.

What’s Next

Lovemekanism.org will look quite different to also accommodate the community projects I have supported or recommended and their news and events, without making the art and articles published publicly more easily navigable. In addition, it will also include new opinion articles and video so I can more plainly share with you my take on some of the important questions I mentioned at the start of this article. I hope to write and post here soon and more often.

The transition will be slowly with as minimal downtime as possible. Love MekaAlabama Skynism Project will have: only one main website, this one; http://lovemekanism.org Plus one facebook page at http://facebook.com/lovemekanism in addition to one twitter @lovemekanism instagram.com/lovemekanism and as for me, Meka Love, I will have one youtube

That is all for now, love. I’d say it’s plenty. Like, share, and don’t forget to follow everywhere!



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