Good Ol’ Toxic Relationship Anyone?

First in the series: “What Would I Say…”

I mean a good and selfish volatile relationship with threesomes, hall passes, screaming, belittling, violence, or an isolating toxic relationship. No? Are they are in high demand now, since we’re still having to decline invitations. If so, when did this happen?

Perhaps when it became cool to blame victims or when self-preservation and finances replaced love as the focus and benchmark for a successful relationship. Or when we started supporting institutions and revering leaders over each other? You know when we started treating the neighbors in our own communities as marketing demographics- making decisions on behalf of but not particularly for entire blocks of people- with less and less regard for them and their children. Any old statistic will do, right? When we were so focused on what’s in each other’s buggy that we just stood by and watched as we created a culinary class system where it costs a lot more just to get them to leave the poison out of what we eat? Perhaps while we were blaming and caring only for ourselves, we stopped loving caring for each other. A trickle down to our families and relationships if you will 😉

As sure as we have a right to make purchases and vote, “society” is still all of us. What we see is our own reflection. And we have the power to choose not just our relationships, but the type of relationships we want to have and want our children to have when we remain teachable. In the age of the internet, free ivy league courses online, therapists, counselors, churches, etc, we can learn how to do anything we care to do if we want it badly enough. Don’t forget good old learning from our mistakes.

Communication isn’t always the key. It’s useless when we choose not do something about what is being communicated to you. You could have the sense the Lord gave Koko the Gorilla and still have a long-lasting partnership if two people decide to listen, reciprocate, implement, and love love love.

Yeah, I would say that if I knew one of my poems would be the last thing.



I am a renowned expert on my own opinion- the only one. My opinions are influenced by my own experiences and those observed. This is not supposed to be counseling- just an interjection of my opinion for entertainment purposes only


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