Poem 41: I Am Not Afraid

From the series “What would I say…”

Warm skin grasped

Quiet laughs

We may never comprehend

Sacred ground shared in our laps

A temple of prayers and tears

Life and love over their years

Dark places in all states

The pleasure, joy, and the pain

Decades among two tiny frames

Yet a moment is all that remains

Clasped in these hands of ours

Enshrined by life’s marks and scars

Are fragile broken hearts

Becoming whole

Opening covered secrets of the soul

One after another desire to be led

To fear and inhibitions shed

“I am not afraid.” He said


Meka Love

I would say that art is interpretive as my poem “Decency to Lie“. I would hate to leave it unexplained since it happens to be the most popular poem here. And on what I deem one of the most important subjects. While I’m proud of “Decency to Lie” as a work of fiction and practice. I don’t personally condone it’s sentiments. If “Decency to Lie” it were the last thing I could say about relationships, I would be disappointed. Instead, I would say what I said here, not to be afraid of what if… to care for and respect each other’s life anyway. No matter



5 comments on “Poem 41: I Am Not Afraid

  1. So many reasons why I love this poem:
    -easy to relate to

    I like how our hands and laps in particular are parts of the whole and sometimes it is those parts that mean everything in our relationship to God, to each other and intra-personally. Hands are used for prayer, for eating, for pleasure; our bodies are temples for pain and joy too.

    This is what I gather from the poem. It put me in a good place in my heart. Thanks!

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