Poem 42: Beauty. Ego. Security.

From the series, “What I would say…”

As if a pretty face

Or a pretty mind is

Mutually exclusive

Or plump lips

And thigh gaps are

On sight- conclusive

Untrustworthy cause

No one’s worthy of

Their gifts given

But my gifts

Aren’t as important?

How is it PC To try and push me

Because mine

Looks like I’m Winning

And I’m just living

Without NEED for attention

And I can handle thirsty since

I’m used to the hollering

So what? I’m not offended.

But I get it

You think Normal life to me

Discredits my loyalty

Makes my confidence


Like any girl I like primping

Only my results Are a little different

But I know this

Is not about me

Or Beauty It’s between only

You, ego, and security

Thank you for reading Love! -Meka ❤️

If it were the last thing I could say on the subject, that’s what I would say as a complement to my lullaby “Let it Go to Your Head” because…

There are plenty of things written about how looks don’t matter or how they give you a heads up in life. I don’t have anything to add to that conversation. But in our culture, beauty has become so objectified as a cure all, a destination, a cause, a big money industry. When we see a traditionally attractive person,  it’s too easy to forget their humanity. That is actually someone’s face! Chances are they’re not obsessing about it all day and are sometimes uneasy about the random compliments or confused by the slick insults coming at them. I touched on the subject in a different way as a lullaby called “Let it Go to Your Head”. I was reminded of it in the hospital being cared for by a very beautiful cardiac nurse who showed up looking like Miss America, but left looking like Miss America got into a fight. She worked incredibly hard, and I thought she was among the best of an extremely talented staff. Though she went through all the same training and rigorous hiring process as everyone else, I observed how she’s generally referred to and referenced by her smaller size and beauty. It’s nice to be thought of as beautiful- (that’s kinda the point of makeup and hygiene) but at some point, a person should be able to be recognized as an individual who worked hard to achieve something, overcame life– without excuse or condescension and admit they deserve to be there. As long as people need a reason to be superior to each other to feel validated, someone will need a find reason to try and pull someone else down. That’s why I would say this if it were the last thing I could say about the subject- because who else would say it love? ❤️


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