Poem 43: I’ll be

By Meka

I’ll be the one etched in both sides of your brain

I’ll be the DNA mutation effecting every membrane- every ache and pain but

I’ll also be the morphine to take it all away

I won’t be the one holding onto a memory for the duration of my stay here

No, Lord knows, 3 days you’re dead dear

I’ll be the one to shed you like dead skin and pretend I’m protected like melanin to UV

You’ll be… changed to incomplete
You’ll never live in peace
You’ll seek me

Like the first high if you find which addictive drug I am- feeling like crack but stronger than that

I’m the little yellow tape at the end of a marathon that’s already been broken by someone and no number’s on your back

No winning

Instead of a photo finish, you’ll have a photo beginning but the end just goes on

And on cause

You’ll seek but never find another one who makes you love like I do

Love to you like I do

Then f**ks you up like I do

And if you did, in time you’d run because it’ll remind you of someone you won’t find- who I am

In the one who
Was once I

Thank you for reading my stuff! Of all the themes and layers, I think the overarching idea is that people and events change others forever. For better or for worse depends on the moment in question. Let this one digest love. Enjoy!




7 comments on “Poem 43: I’ll be

  1. So I’m sitting in the bar at a restaurant and I came across your poem. (I would not have found it except that you found and liked one of mine.) I liked it so much I read it to the bar maid, who is young and hot, and asked if she like it as much as I did. She did. That’s all, just hought you’d like to know.

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