Poem 44: Why I Will Fall in Love

Unpublished from Jan 2014

I’m going to dive head first
Into water or concrete
Thinking of only
The cool dip of my fingertips
Can’t imagine anything
But swimming
Forever on one breath of him- even

Wear white again
If it meant I could spend
My life with him

Have more bridesmaids
Each time
Do a different electric slide
Sing “with this ring”
Dare somebody to say something

When I fall in love again

Until my last breath
I’m going to live

Everything I have to give
Leaving it all here and
My love is no different
That’s why
I will fall in love again

Thanks for reading my stuff Love



12 comments on “Poem 44: Why I Will Fall in Love

  1. As usual, Meka, another great poem on love and truth. But this one is just so beautiful. To do things again once more, just for that awe of diving off a cliff, or falling into love- it is all worth it.

    Well done.

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