Poem 45: Pride and Breakfast

You won’t see me grieve
Though you would’ve seen me bleed
If you weren’t seething
From emotional flesh wounds
Seemingly from me

Part of me disagrees
The other part is sorry you’re
Picking shards of my shattered heart
From yours

Instead of saying I’m tired
Of being sick
And I’m tired of being tired,
I say take my embrace
Hope service can relay
What my words don’t say

Until a simple “I’m hungry”
Has me
Banging, clanging, dropping pots
It took everything I’ve got
To lift them up
“Baby, you’re too loud!”
As they slam to the countertop
But I cannot stop

And I am too proud
To part clenched teeth
Or ask please
Help me with these

“Baby,” you say “Think
About what you’re doing”

Silently reminding me
Our thing’s nothing to ruin
Since there’s no title for us
No name for this pain
Then I’m unashamed

You won’t NEED to see me grieve
Or how my half smile is mocking me
You can think it’s eggs and cheese
Cause the only words I can form
Are telling you to leave
Just so I can keep
My pride and dignity


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