In Conclusion…

From “what I would say…”

If I had to conclude my journey with one last article, I would say:

When you are young, you know a lot of things you don’t understand. The difference between those two are so great that it feels like you don’t know. You start to question yourself, and with questions come mistrust of your judgement and what you know. With that mistrust comes a reliance on the reckonings of others. Until one day you journey back to understanding that the reckonings of others are for the benefit of others and living for others has left you wanting.

At the bottom of this journey is understanding that almost no one is really genuinely happy for you. No matter how hard they saw you struggle to achieve what you have or how they cheered you on or supported the spectacle of your becoming, these were lies to cover their belief that you would eventually give in or settle as they did or some perverse desire to minimize what you have as on some level less than what they have… They will not be happy for or satisfied with you so long as you have become more successful in any area than they have become. If you lean on the advice and persuasions of others, they will advise and nudge you into misery, poverty, and loneliness. Instead, trust and rely on God for everything. This is yet another thing you know but don’t understand until you really do, and the end of the journey here ends back to you.

I would thank you once more for reading my stuff. Of course it is all just beginning




Poem 41: I Am Not Afraid

From the series “What would I say…”

Warm skin grasped

Quiet laughs

We may never comprehend

Sacred ground shared in our laps

A temple of prayers and tears

Life and love over their years

Dark places in all states

The pleasure, joy, and the pain

Decades among two tiny frames

Yet a moment is all that remains

Clasped in these hands of ours

Enshrined by life’s marks and scars

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A Year of Love Mekanism Project

What would I say if these were the last things I said? What would I eat if this were the last morsel I  feel on my tongue? Where would I go? What would I do? Who would…? With whom…?

Questions that seem the most dark to think of- especially when you have no reason to believe you don’t have time to figure out are all the ones thrust on me a bit over a month ago. I found that none of these are reflected here and that there’s no reason they shouldn’t.

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2 Poetry Picks to Inspire (Mira’s Prompt)

Our gifts aren’t only for making a living, they can also get us through life. That’s why I picked one new artist, and one professional as the two poems I picked to share with you. (1) The first is from Jus Biz in the first piece he has written in years, he at once got his mojo back and rediscovered this form of self-expression. (2) The second is from a writer- an up and coming rap artist and amazing story-teller, D Skyyy. Both were challenged to one of Mira’s prompts. Enjoy!

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Reading of Poem 27- Southern Metropolis: A Love Story

After challenging myself on to satisfactorily read one of my poems, I finally read Southern Metropolis: A Love Story in a YouTube video. Much better than the first time I tried a similar challenge.

Southern Metropolis is a love story metaphor for artists in metropolitan areas or small towns who believe they must leave everything behind and move away to achieve their dreams for many reasons– perhaps the lack of local opportunities, possibly limited support in a divided community, or simply that arts may not be seen as an acceptable way to make a living there. It is part tragedy, part endearing, part “unsaid thing“, and all love and art. That’s still appealing story to me. I’m happy to have been able to write and share it- now read it to you.


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New Video Challenge to Discuss My Creative Writings

“Right now…I’m really helping authors do what they need to do to be in charge of their careers.”
-Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Latest Challenge Details:

1. Write or choose one or however many fiction pieces

2. Talk about it on a video using an outline based on the Question/Answer session on the video. I loved her “quick        tips”! She’s really good! Watch her in the Video Below or on her website here

♥ Carolyn’s Quick tips: “1) learn all you can  2) speak or teach to develop your speaking skills”

3. Practice using Youtube, Instagram, or Vine, and I could opt to share those on this post, so bookmark and                    follow along here if you would like to also post practices here or offer feedback

4. Post the final video on this post on August 25, 2013 during Interact with Me

Note: Pressed this article on Rejection from Rachel Stanford’s neat blog that I found today 8/17/13 might be nice to revisit later

About the Challenge

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Four Love Mekanism Artist *PICKS*

Listening, admiring, and creating new art are a great escape. Here are this week’s picks and finds from the community. 

Challenge Details

  1. Wave your flag at me so I can see what you are listening to by commenting or pinging where we can visit to see your picks
  2. If I happen to see any or any is sent to me that I’d like to share, I’ll post it here.
  3. Enjoy and let’s do this again Thursday– tentatively per the schedule!

This Week’s Community *PICKS*

1. Picked from twitter @lovemekanism Click the title link below to hear the poem

Distance in Words, by Solace the Writer

From the album, Fear of Mics
“How can you lose something you never owned? By thinking you own it.” -Solace, the Writer

2. Picked from Instagram/lovemekanism

These are the beautiful, and alive with energy. I could barely post these for staring at them. Don’t you love these?

Beautiful image by #tristanneaton shared by Yiannis Bellis

Amazing work by Yiannis Bellis

3. Picked from facebook/lovemekanism

Like Damn, TriiipleBBB featuring Bates

Everything in the world wanted me to have this little club song- in the spirit of First Date: Poem 14. This one’s meticulously produced; the artist dances with a sexy subject matter without going too far. Nice one!

4. Seen on Permanent Days Unmoving – (good, clean…easy-reading blog by the way). I liked it a lot.

2,3 Clear by Senser

“Like” these here, share using the buttons below, and don’t forget to Follow!… or forget to support your favorite artists -lovemeka

Interact with Me 9:30 CST

Don’t forget to refresh  to see the Live updates. I cannot believe that I forgot to post the Chat earlier.What are y’all doing? I just wrote my third piece of fiction! Check it out. New to Love Mekanism Project? Start Here

About the New Decorum Here

Take a click around. I know that this was a sudden change, but I got tired of not being able to find posts. Hopefully this will help because there are a looot more than I thought. Seems like just yesterday, I posted a celebration of 50 of them! But now there are upwards of 70. Some of them are by others. So far so fine, but it requires a lot more pics. I’m not a big pic person, and I don’t have any professional ones, so be kind.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • “Featured”: This thing calls all the posts across the top, “Featured”. On this blog, I’ve been calling Reblogs and Guest Posts “Featured” because I didn’t know what else to call them, but until I can change them all, unless otherwise specified, I wrote them.
  • Pics

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Aus-oooome Lovin’ …and on to the Next

Tiiiiiide Honey!! I finally finished the Challenge, and it was the most fun. I have already picked one to review, and I will continue reviewing all received by the deadline for possible others.


It’s true that practice makes…. well, not too shabby because this was awesome, Honey! I happened upon some cool stuff and was given others. This time I even engaged some of y’all, and I’m proud for that ( I. would. have. Neeeever *fanning). I accepted a couple of inbox submissions, and that used to make me nervous – that and Facebook “Pokes” O_o Lol… no I was honored and proud for them too. And ya know what? They were pretty good too! Speaking of honor…

Loooved being Nominated

Loooved being Nominated

Versatile Blogger Award

Check out the Aus-oooooome greeting on the About page from new mate of the Project, Whimsical Eclecticist nominating Love Mekanism for the Versatile Blogger Award. Whimsical Eclectist is a witty yet inviting blog, and he pulls off the delicate balance charmingly. Thank you so much, Honey for the nod. He’s the cutest lil’ thing (if I were a bona fide cougar cub, I wouldn’t let slip that he says he’s single too… ladies 😉 Ha!

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Show Your Stuff

I know for sure that I’m at least as awe-struck by the talents people hide away, as they are by mine. Artistic expression of many types are now casualties as we’ve come to value what’s most profitable- quantifiable, measurable in the short-term. Well how valuable is sanity? Love? or Life? All undeniably value-able to us and difficult, if not impossible to accurately measure. What a foolish thing to have ever believed such. Yet there’s an undeniable and equally deranged beauty that lies in our respect for this freedom of ignorance. Knowing this, why then have we so readily cast our gifts aside as if its only benefits are directly related to profit (…and usually someone else’s, but I undress)? Sing, dance, show your stuff, my Love, so you feel free and the world might see its value beyond money.

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