Music: Everything is Everything

I wrote a poetry piece after Trayvon Martin was murdered for those who were grieving him. This time, after Michael Brown’s murder, I didn’t write anything. Maybe I will one day. Now, nothing good could come from my own words. So enjoy this record entitled Everything is Everything by my favorite rap goddess ever Lauryn Hill, instead

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Everything is Everything





Poem 40: At the End of a Heartbeat

A Freestyle Poem By Meka

I learned that one could die
If the beat’s broken inside
Unless there’s enough love
Left to keep her alive

The heart’s rhythm of life seems
Chosen but random and
It’s beat is a juke token
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$1.50 Cocaine: A Black History Ode

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined being inspired by $1.50 worth of cocaine. Now if you think for a second that I’m comparing a bit called $1.50 Cocaine to a negro spiritual, that is appalling, and you my friend are about half right, that is all…

“Have you ever seeeen a dollar and fifty cents worth ‘o cocaine?” -Richard Pryor

Until I came across a 4-minute clip of Richard Pryor’s “Wanted” act about $1.50 cocaine, I had nothing to add to the Black History Month conversation that interested parties couldn’t just find elsewhere if they so pleased. So I felt no pressure or obligation before I had to pause a 4 minute clip 4 times for two things 1) to laugh without missing the next joke, and 2) to reflect on what I just heard.

Watch Richard Pryor $1.50 Cocaine ***Warning Offensive Language and Profanity***

It wasn’t just Richard Pryor doling out

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The Fairest Town

Mired in misery and fear is a southern town some say lost its hospitality along the way. Where comfort is a waterfront plantation on a hilltop nestled between wealth and privilege for as many generations as recorded in the town’s historic buildings. And the beauty of days past is dutifully preserved in gardens in ever perfect bloom arising from ancient soil. Distance calls it perfection.

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Part 2: Rest in Peace or Pieces



“This is Warrior 5. Sir. Pat yourself on the back with your free hand; draw a bar in the mud on your forehead…”

“Sir I’m honor…”

“Day old tea?! Lieutenant -one day or one month? Over.”

“T minus one day, Sir.”

Excerpt Peace or in Pieces 1

Part 1 Excerpt: Rest in Peace or in Pieces

“Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot….”

“Roger that, Warrior 5. What the fu.., Sir. Over”

“Confirm. Sit-Rep in two fife.”

“I copy: Situation report in 25 minutes. Location in fife. Over.”

“…Eyes on Juliet?” Clicking noise.

“Three scout teams no commo, Sir, Over.”

“Damnit!” Shouts Warrior 5. Brief white noise followed by a faint click. Silence.

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The Feminist Papers

The following is the first in a fiction series called “The Feminist Papers” For now, these letters and correspondence will have to do in place of Nerd Words. As always, thank you for reading. Please enjoy.

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Apologies Part 2: When to Fold ’em and 5 Other Eff Words

Part 1: Demise and Burial of the Half@ssed Apology.

Apologies Part 2: When to Fold ’em and 5 Other Eff Words

Usually when no apology is needed, none is expected. But there are times when the offender’s offense lies only in the mind of the offended.

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” -attributed to Sigmund Freud 

1. Fear (or Perceived Threat) Jealousy? Hating? Hopelessness?

These cigars are all first cousins that must be identified. Spades a spade– whatever, we’re calling it!

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Nerd Words: et Tu, Rose?

Rose that Grew from Concrete and rosa do povo

Other than the reference to Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar, I have never heard the phrase “et tu”. Hearing or reading this literary earworm reminds me of the very first time I heard, “et tu, Brute?” which means “even you, Brutus?” A betrayed Julius Ceasar says in a dramatic bro-mantic finish after being stabbed by his own best friend and one he never expected to betray him, Marcus Brutus-“even you, Fool?” Oh yeah, Brutus also means stupid in Latin. In retrospect, this one of only two things from high school that I long for. Yes, I know that was a pretty geeky thing to say. The other one longing was Tupac. Tupac’s most famous poem is The Rose that Grew from Concrete (refer to the link above as needed). That’s why I’m calling this one “et Tu Rose?

“et tu” Know Better Than ‘tu’ Think ‘Tu’ Know What I’m About ‘2’ say:

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Happy 1 Month Birthday Love Mekanism Community!!

Thank You for a Whole Month of Love

And thanks for over 1,000 views and 125 of the best and smartest community of Followers as of Sunday. That’s still really hard to believe. I mean.. Nerd Literature, Poetry, New Artists, creativity cravers, and lovers of life in all types, and here we are…all together! All your love and the support is immensely appreciated through this time and following this journey so far. It means the world to have you with me -lovemeka

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Poem 9: Wailing for the Good Old Days

Poem 9: Wailing for Good Old Days

When we could sing and swing without consequence

We dance…. oooh we dance. The wind brushes our faces

His pants press the laces sewn beneath my skirt- tan…talizing

Josephine Baker by Michele Rosenthal

Josephine Baker by Michele Rosenthal

Him. We flirt. His eyes soothe. We move together; I close my eyes and

Open them as horns remind me how his hands are convincing but they don’t stop my feet from

twirling and dancing. I look around, and see that they all imagine he’s one of the

37 million brave on paper posters in bright ink and / or dull ink in rolled scrolls

Who did not come home; I’ve rented it enough space in my mind, but this here’s my time

and I’ll take this fine one though he’s not mine. His warmth is natural. My skin says so…

My body says so… I’ve sewn many of those and I best know that uniform-

in the factory, these teeth have sneakily torn many-a-thread to take them apart

So, you see, I bite, but it doesn’t hurt. “I can surely take them apart,”

I smile. I flirt and leave your heart in tact.

Wake relaxed to a crisp shirt and slacks

So when across wide seas- anywhere you sail the map

You will never fail to think back. Then

draw from my lips a slice of heaven to take- as you brave….

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