Love Mekanism Project

“…but for me, it has become a respectful understanding of credit unduly assigned to limitations of my humanity, and the comparison is awfully pale… for shivering in the enormous cold shadow on the other side of love. Love as a profile of life and an attribute of one’s spirit- not a condition…” -Meka, Love Mekanism Project


New Video Challenge to Discuss My Creative Writings

“Right now…I’m really helping authors do what they need to do to be in charge of their careers.”
-Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Latest Challenge Details:

1. Write or choose one or however many fiction pieces

2. Talk about it on a video using an outline based on the Question/Answer session on the video. I loved her “quick        tips”! She’s really good! Watch her in the Video Below or on her website here

♥ Carolyn’s Quick tips: “1) learn all you can  2) speak or teach to develop your speaking skills”

3. Practice using Youtube, Instagram, or Vine, and I could opt to share those on this post, so bookmark and                    follow along here if you would like to also post practices here or offer feedback

4. Post the final video on this post on August 25, 2013 during Interact with Me

Note: Pressed this article on Rejection from Rachel Stanford’s neat blog that I found today 8/17/13 might be nice to revisit later

About the Challenge

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Let it Go to Your Head

You’re perfectly beautiful to me.


You’re already a queen.

Before you could walk, your crawl

Stood tall and your eyes

walked a man like a dog

The earth resolved

to turn and revolve

The bright shiny light you brought

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Interact with Me 9:30 CST

Don’t forget to refresh  to see the Live updates. I cannot believe that I forgot to post the Chat earlier.What are y’all doing? I just wrote my third piece of fiction! Check it out. New to Love Mekanism Project? Start Here

About the New Decorum Here

Take a click around. I know that this was a sudden change, but I got tired of not being able to find posts. Hopefully this will help because there are a looot more than I thought. Seems like just yesterday, I posted a celebration of 50 of them! But now there are upwards of 70. Some of them are by others. So far so fine, but it requires a lot more pics. I’m not a big pic person, and I don’t have any professional ones, so be kind.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • “Featured”: This thing calls all the posts across the top, “Featured”. On this blog, I’ve been calling Reblogs and Guest Posts “Featured” because I didn’t know what else to call them, but until I can change them all, unless otherwise specified, I wrote them.
  • Pics

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Show Your Stuff

I know for sure that I’m at least as awe-struck by the talents people hide away, as they are by mine. Artistic expression of many types are now casualties as we’ve come to value what’s most profitable- quantifiable, measurable in the short-term. Well how valuable is sanity? Love? or Life? All undeniably value-able to us and difficult, if not impossible to accurately measure. What a foolish thing to have ever believed such. Yet there’s an undeniable and equally deranged beauty that lies in our respect for this freedom of ignorance. Knowing this, why then have we so readily cast our gifts aside as if its only benefits are directly related to profit (…and usually someone else’s, but I undress)? Sing, dance, show your stuff, my Love, so you feel free and the world might see its value beyond money.

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3 Things my 3 *PICKS* Reminded me about Getting Picked

3 Things My 3 *PICKS* Reminded Me About Getting Picked

As promised, these are my picks from last week. I did not have any picks this week because of the upcoming New Music Artist Poetry Challenge – Schooled. I will be reviewing works of art, music, and photos, so don’t forget to submit something. Here are my picks from last week and the reasons why if you didn’t find them in Interact last Sunday. As if sharing the love of their work weren’t enough, there was so much more to learn about “winning” or getting picked.

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Apologies Part 2: When to Fold ’em and 5 Other Eff Words

Part 1: Demise and Burial of the Half@ssed Apology.

Apologies Part 2: When to Fold ’em and 5 Other Eff Words

Usually when no apology is needed, none is expected. But there are times when the offender’s offense lies only in the mind of the offended.

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” -attributed to Sigmund Freud 

1. Fear (or Perceived Threat) Jealousy? Hating? Hopelessness?

These cigars are all first cousins that must be identified. Spades a spade– whatever, we’re calling it!

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Rose that Grew from Concrete and rosa do povo

Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete?

Proving nature’s laws wrong, it learned to walk without having feet.Funny, it seems torose that grew from concrete photo: Rose That Grew From A Concrete Rose.jpg

By keeping its dreams; it learned to breathe fresh air. Long live the rose

that grew from concrete when no one else even cared. -Tupac, 1976-1996

Tupac Shakur, The Rose that Grew from Concrete

E um anúncio, um chamado, uma esperança embora frágil, pranto infantil no berço?

Talvez apenas um ai de seresta, quem sabe.

Mas há um ouvido mais fino que escuta, um peito de artista que incha, e uma rosa se abre, um segredo

comunica-se, o poeta anunciou, o poeta, nas trevas, anunciou. -Drummond de Andrade, 1943 e 1945

Drummond de Andrade, rosa do povo



Happy 1 Month Birthday Love Mekanism Community!!

Thank You for a Whole Month of Love

And thanks for over 1,000 views and 125 of the best and smartest community of Followers as of Sunday. That’s still really hard to believe. I mean.. Nerd Literature, Poetry, New Artists, creativity cravers, and lovers of life in all types, and here we are…all together! All your love and the support is immensely appreciated through this time and following this journey so far. It means the world to have you with me -lovemeka

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you as surprised and happy as I am?! Wow! Let’s celebrate!!  Pay it forward by sharing

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Interact with Me Tonight 8 PM CST

I’m here Honey c’mon in, and grab a sweet tea. What do you think about the question?

*don’t forget to hit refresh to see the updates as you’re following along

Tonight’s Question …is for artists of all disciplines

Q. Does your art imitate life, or is does life seem to be imitating art? For the 3rd time in a week, I’ve written a seemingly random work only to learn that a public and related thing had just occurred. Has that ever happened to you? Why do you think so?

Sweet Iced Tea

Sweet Iced Tea (Photo credit: Godverbs)

Join me for *My PICKS*- my favorite things of the week, Poem 10, challenge update status, and more when I start writing at 8pm CST.

Meanwhile, “Like” and check in at where I’ll be posting upcoming events and happenings for friends of the project. Let me know if I missed something!


I had such a difficult time last week that I decided to start early! And I am so glad I did that. This week was absolutely amazing because I found so much great work. I have been sharing it everywhere. I’ve been inundated with inspiration, so I’m tinkering with another little blog where I can put the stuff that doesn’t fit neatly here (called I Love Mekanism – More Love, for now).

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